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An example of how pepople using the Internet can foul things up.
This data came to me about a year ago, from what I considered a reliable source - however, keep reading

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 Heston's Home Gun Safe Inside the Safe
Collectables Worth Millions
Inside the Safe
Collectables Worth Millions

I found this on the web and posted it 6/14/2009:  "I truly don't wish to burst anyones bubble but that collection was not Mr. Heston's. It was owned by Bruce Stern, a former NRA director. One half of it was auctioned off in Maine this last March. It went for 12.7 million dollars. The rest will be auctioned this October."

At this point I don't know who to believe.  This is Hestons house, if Stern was rich enough to buy all this why didn't he have his own vault.  I have sent a question to the NRA.

Received from the NRA 6/15/2009:

Thank you for your inquiry to the National Firearms Museum.
These popular pics are of another collection entirely and did not belong to Charleton Heston or Bruce Stern, despite the Internet.

National Firearms Museum    NFM Staff []

At this point I'm not even sure this was Heston's house.