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An opportunity for Congress Train UnEmployed Vets for Border duty - Tell your Congressmen to make it happen
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These are OUR boys in Iraq -- They SHOULD be on the front cover of Time, Newsweek, etc. But you and I know that's not going to happen.  So it's up to us to put them there.  Forward this link around the world, do not let them be forgotten!!!

We must always remember there ARE faces and heart-ache behind the names of those that do not come home!  Blessed be the Peace makers for they shall be called sons of God -- Are not soldiers the ultimate Peace Makers?   It is they who are called upon to bring about the Peace when the Diplomats of Nations fail.






The problem in the Middle East is actually quite simple, the Muslims want all the Jews dead - the Jews donít want to be dead, solve that problem and you have peace in the Middle East. 

The size of countries where Islam is the Dominant religion is 30,417,213 sq KM.  Israel is 20,770 sq KM in size. 
Is a patch of land 1464 times smaller than the land Muslims now control so important that millions of Jews must be slaughtered to satisfy Islam, if so why? 
Is Sharia law so important that fathers volunteer to end their bloodlines by sending their sons to die to put a small patch of dirt under Muslim control, when your sons are dead who benefits? 
Since in fact many Muslims live in peace, on their own land, practicing their own religion while living under the Israel Constitution.  Why are these Fathers and even Mothers so damn stupid?

By the way, Christians have been told that if they want to stay in the Gaza Strip they must convert to Islam - Another sign of the tolerant Islam religion.

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