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10/18/2010 Page1
-- Kofi Annan's commencement address
-- UN plan for global government revealed

-- Changing the global rulebook
-- The New World Disorder
-- The U.N.'s shocking millennium agenda

-- Thank God for Jesse!
-- Arab tours U.S. nuclear
-- Millennium agenda
-- UN Power Grab, again

-- The United Nefarious
-- U.N. watcher Joel Skousen
-- Is national sovereignty history
-- Kofi Annan
-- House of Bums

-- U.S. wants U.N. tribunals closed
-- Dear Friend of Freedom Alliance
-- Rethinking the United Nations

-- The trouble with the U.N.

-- Let the U.N. die
-- Time to stop paying to be kicked in the teath - Get US out of the UN.
-- India, take the U.N. please

-- MAKEOVER THE un - Posted 10/18/10
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