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-- Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz - 12/24/14
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 Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz

Ben Shapiro    12/24/2014    By Ben Shapiro

Last week, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his intention to "actively explore" a run for president. That announcement spurred spasms of joy in some segments of the Republican Party who have been itching for an effective counter to the enthusiasm of the grassroots right. Those Republicans -- largely coastal donors who scorn social conservatives as rubes, and shun the supposed fiscal extremism of the tea party -- have been searching for a candidate who will buck the base on immigration, who doesn't mind hand-in-glove corporatism, and who, most of all, feels the same way they do about the grassroots.

And Jeb Bush promises to fulfill all these criteria. He says he feels "a little out of step with my party" on immigration and recently said that illegal immigration wasn't a "felony" but an "act of love"; his support for Common Core has more than a whiff of cronyism to it; just weeks ago, he told The Wall Street Journal that he would be willing to "lose the primary to win the general without violating [his] principles."

This is the dirty secret of the modern Republican Party: For all the talk about grassroots exasperation with the Republican elites, it is the Republican elites who despise the grassroots. Republican elites do not believe in the dismantling of the welfare state; they believe in its maintenance. They do not believe in the unsophisticated free marketeering of the tea party; they believe in a strong government hand on the economic tiller, so long as that hand is benevolent toward their friends. They do not believe in small government; they believe in large government that serves their ends. If given the choice, a few would even select Hillary Clinton as president over Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

They stake their claim to leadership of the Republican Party on the nonsensical notion that they have a record of victory. Pointing to the dramatic implosions of candidates like Delaware's Christine O'Donnell, who primaried Mike Castle only to be blown out by Chris Coons in her Senatorial race, and Sharron Angle, who lost to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, establishment Republicans state that they -- and only they -- know how to win elections. They abide by "The Price Is Right" strategy for electoral victory: campaign just to the right of the Democratic candidate in the hopes that you will win everyone to that candidate's right. The magical middle, in this view, is where victory lies.

And so, in 2008, in an election in which Americans resonated to the theme of war weariness, Republicans establishment geniuses touted a Senator most famous for his foreign policy interventionism. In 2012, coming off an election in which Republicans won a stunning victory thanks to popular hatred of Obamacare, Republicans ran the only man in America outside of Barack Obama to implement Obamacare. Grassroots conservatives reluctantly went along with these nominees after failing to unify around an alternative.

Now, in 2016, when Americans have reacted with outrage to President Obama's executive amnesty, and when Hillary Clinton is likely to be the Democratic nominee, establishment Republicans want to run a man whose most famous position is warmth for illegal immigration and is famously chummy with the Clintons (he gave Hillary an award in 2013 for public service).

Why nominate this man? The most common explanation: His widely perceived alternative, grassroots favorite, Ted Cruz, cannot win. Cruz, establishment Republicans say, polarizes instead of unifying; he alienates rather than attracting. But that notion springs, once again, from "The Price Is Right" strategy: If the middle voter is your target, Cruz isn't your man. But the middle voter was Mitt Romney's target in 2012, and he got him -- Romney won independents 50-45, but lost the election by five million votes. The middle voter was John McCain's target, too -- so much so that McCain considered naming Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate. He lost decisively, too.

Will Ted Cruz lose more decisively than either of his predecessors? That's a possibility. But margin of loss is significantly less important than the direction of the political narrative. Party insiders see the 1964 nomination of right-wing Barry Goldwater as a massive defeat. Those outside the party infrastructure see it for what it was: a ground shift in Republican politics that led to the rise of Ronald Reagan. Better to nominate someone who will change the conversation and lose than someone who will reinforce that the parties stand for the same tired politics of failure.

Or, perhaps, Cruz doesn't lose at all. Perhaps it turns out that voters are driven by vision and passion rather than bromides from the Yorks and Lancasters of American politics. Perhaps Ted Cruz, or someone like him, actually animates people rather than treating them like widgets to be manipulated by those born to the purple. Perhaps politics isn't "The Price Is Right."

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 Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC Press Release ANYONE BUT MEL

PHOENIX, AZ—The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Political Action Committee (MCDCPAC) is voicing their disapproval of U.S. Senator Mel Martinez as the nominee for General Chairman of the Republican National Committee due to his weak stance on the immigration crisis plaguing our nation.  Senator Martinez, who is facing b internal contention by delegates over his nomination to the position at the GOP’s Winter Session today, was the sponsor of legislation granting amnesty to illegal aliens last year, and his positions on other related matters, are in stark contrast to the beliefs of the GOP.

“The base of the Republican Party understands that there is an urgent need to secure the border first and foremost, and in b contradiction, Senator Martinez would grant amnesty to lawbreakers instead,” stated Chris Simcox, President of The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Political Action Committee.  “His amnesty bill last year stood to jeopardize the national security interests of this country and therefore he should not be rewarded with such an important leadership post.”

While MCDC PAC is a bi-partisan organization, it believes that the Republican Party lost control of Congress because it failed to campaign on the principles that have proven to resonate with their voters for the last twelve years.  Many voting members of the GOP today are b supporters of the Minuteman effort to secure America’s borders, and agree that their party must focus on securing our borders first.

“The GOP’s calamitous loss at the polls last November has brought with it much speculation as to what fueled the American defection from Republican leadership.  None of those alleged causes are clearer than the abandonment of conservative principles that served as the core of the GOP rise to power over a decade ago—national sovereignty and secure borders among them,” said Simcox.

 Congress refuses to protect the rights of the unborn!

GOP Congress Caves, Pro-Life Marchers Shake their Heads

I am absolutely livid. Truly flabbergasted.

If anyone ever asks you to define the term ‘coward,’ simply point them towards the Republican caucus.

Now, not everyone in Congress is a coward. There are a lot of brave and valiant Congressmen and Senators who stand for Conservative values. But there are a lot of cowards and those cowards happen to hold positions of power in the party.

This past Thursday marked the 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. Likewise, it was also the 41st Annual March for Life.

Half a million people showed up in Washington DC demanding that the rights of the unborn be protected. Those aren’t my numbers… that 500,000 estimate comes from media outlets like the Washington Post (hardly a Conservative outfit).

On this historic day, Congress was poised to take a huge step in protecting the sanctity of life. The House was getting ready to vote on Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a piece of legislation that would have banned abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy.

If doctors decide at the 20th week of a pregnancy that they need to perform surgery on a baby in-utero, they are obligated to give the unborn child anesthesia before operating. Why? That’s because at 20 weeks old, unborn children start feeling pain. Operating on a child without anesthesia would be, at the very least, unethical. At most, it would be a crime.

So, lawmakers in both parties came together and asked a simple question: If doctors aren’t allowed to cause pain if a baby is 20 weeks old, how can anyone justify aborting them?

That bill was supposed to be voted on and Republicans chickened out! They caved under pressure and left us out to dry!

Demand that Congress find its backbone and pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act!

When the Supreme Court released its decision in Roe v Wade, it stated that it was unconscionable to abort a baby who had reached the developmental point of viability. The court defined viability as the moment a fetus could “potentially survive” outside of the womb, even with the help of medical aids.

In 2011, a child was born in Europe at 21 weeks and survived, proving that the point of viability is much earlier than the Supreme Court believed in 1973. Another child was born at 21 weeks, 5 days gestation in 2006. Today, she is in Second Grade.

Pro-abortion advocates believe that they have the right to abortion on-demand at any point in their pregnancy. The reality is that numerous court cases support the right of states and the Federal government to outlaw abortions after the point of viability.  So if the science tells us that unborn children feel and register pain at 20 weeks and that children born at 21 weeks have survived outside the womb, how can anyone justify aborting a baby after those points?

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of all Americans agree that abortion should be banned after the 5th month of pregnancy. When the pollsters asked just women respondents, that number jumped up to 71% in support.

There were half a million pro-life demonstrators waiting outside the Capitol for Congress to finally protect the rights of unborn viable children. What did Congress do? They spit in their faces.

Not all Congressmen were afraid, just a select few. Enough Republicans to stave off the vote.

This is just so shameful.  Of all days to cave under the pressure, the GOP chose to surrender on the day of the 41st Annual March for Life when they had half a million demonstrators outside waiting for the vote.

I was born premature. I was luckily born into family that would love and take care of me regardless. But every day, I wonder how many children are aborted and not even given a fighting chance to survive. The truth is, that number is in the millions.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Science has advanced since Roe v Wade. Children are able to survive earlier and earlier. But the law hasn’t caught up to the science. True Conservatives in Congress have promised to reintroduce the bill.

It is up to YOU to demand that this legislation be voted on and passed!

Tell Congress that if the unborn can feel pain, they CANNOT be aborted!


Max McGuire
Advocacy Director
Conservative Daily

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