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-- New York-Born Muslim Man Arrested in Hawaii in Terror Case - October 26, 2010
-- Suicide attack targets U.N. compound in western Afghan city - October 24, 2010
-- Iran steps up training of terrorists - October 23, 2010
-- Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians" - 22 October 10
-- Quran tells men to beat disobedient wives - October 21, 2010

 Love jihad used in Islamic takeover - 8/13/2010

Region also targeted with cases of bribery to convert

August 13, 2010 WorldNetDaily

Aggressive conversion efforts by Muslims in a prominent region of India are being described as a "love jihad" with a little bribery thrown in.

A new report by a New Delhi, India-based think tank says that Kerala state's Muslim minority is getting ready for a power grab in India's southern-most state.

And one way they're planning on capturing control is through what International Christian Concern's Jonathan Racho calls "love jihad."

"The Muslim man will deliberately seduce a Christian or a Hindu girl. Once they have a relationship and the man marries the girl and they have children, the man forcibly converts the woman to Islam," Racho explained.

"Then the children are raised as Muslim children. In this way the Muslims believe they will be the majority of the population in Kerala in another 20 years," he said.

Racho said the Muslims also are resorting to bribery.

"They're dumping millions of dollars in Kerala and they're getting the money mostly from the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. They're really bribing people to get them to convert to Islam," Racho observed.

Racho explained that 56 percent of Kerala's people are Hindu, about 24 percent are Muslim and only 19 percent are Christian.

New Delhi-based Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict founder Animesh Roul says Kerala Muslims can succeed because they are the state's richest people.

"Kerala Muslims are affluent in comparison to their north Indian brothers. They have very strong Gulf and Saudi links," Roul stated.

Roul added that a Muslim takeover in Kerala is also possible because of Saudi influence.

"The Saudi Wahhabi penetration is recent – probably in the last couple of decades due to diaspora and other commercial activities in the Gulf States," Roul added.

Racho said the militant Muslims in Kerala are also organized politically and with a guerilla group called the Popular Front of India.

"This group is willing to use violence, especially against the Christians in southern India. On July 4, this group chopped off the hand of a Christian professor and beat up his wife and 85-year-old mother," Racho said.

The ICC analyst says the PFI doesn't stop there.

"They're also running a Shariah law court that is dedicated to bringing Kerala state under Shariah [Islamic religious] law. They're trying to make the Muslims in Kerala stop going to the government courts and force them to come to the Shariah court," Racho explained further.

Roul's report confirms that the PFI aggressively has dumped money on the region to influence people to convert to Islam.

In a statement to the press, Kerala Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan said his government is trying to "crack down" on the PFI.

A report for India's Central Chronicle says Achuthanandan believes that the PFI is another identity of the older National Democratic Front, an active guerilla group that the Indian government believes has given money, weapons and training to young men who would oppose Kerala state's government.

Racho says the Indian government's response has been to educate the people about Islam and the PFI's goals.

Racho adds that Kerala's Christians also are trying to teach their people about Islam and to pray, because that's their best option.

"The Christian doctrine doesn't teach violence as a way to achieve your objectives, so prayer is really the only way," Racho said.

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 Terrorizing Muslim Women

July 13, 2010     Nonie Darwish/Frontpage

-There is an article floating all over the Internet, “Joys of Muslim Women,” which discusses the horrific truth about how Islam legally treats women. The article claims to have been written by me, but that is false: I am not the author. Let me use this occasion, however, to set a few matters straight:

 The silence is deafening around the world in regards to the inhumanity and brutality of Sharia towards women. Most of the activism against stoning, flogging and abuse of women under Sharia is heard from former Muslim women, like myself, and a few others in the West who dare to expose the truth.
Muslim women have no choice but to abide by Sharia, since rejecting it is grounds for the charge of apostasy, punishable by death. Having been exposed to Sharia for centuries, Muslim women have learned convoluted coping mechanisms to avoid Sharia’s wrath. Engaging in their own form of Stockholm Syndrome, most Muslim women publicly defend the very laws that enslave them. Even Obama’s advisor on Islamic affairs, Dalia Mujahed, stated that Sharia is “misunderstood.” Muslim women end up as the guardians of their ownjails. It is women who often report younger girls who refuse to wear the head cover, and some wives cover up for the honor killing of a daughter by their husband or son. Many have accepted their inferior status and wear it as a badge of honor.

That is why there is no significant grass-roots feminist movement in the Muslim world today. Muslim feminists are routinely accused of apostasy — with its death penalty hanging over their heads. The only feminist movements to speak of in the Muslim world occurred during British colonial rule and, on a smaller scale, when the French conquered Egypt in 1798. By the end of the British rule, feminism ended inside the Muslim world.

Many Muslims claim that “Islam honors women” just as they claim that Islam is a “Religion of Peace.” The truth however, is just the opposite. Islam does not honor women, but rather holds their very lives in absolute bondage.

America must outlaw Sharia from ever being practiced by anyone on American soil. If we fail to do this, if we permit Sharia to creep into our legal system, we might as well say goodbye to our freedom. Here are just a few examples of whatMuslim women must live under:
[1] There is no age limit for marriage of girls under Sharia. A man can pay a dowry and sign a marriage contract with parents of a toddler girl and consummate the marriage at age 9. Recent cases in Yemen and Saudi Arabia exposed this tragedy when 8-year-old girls filed for divorce from their over 50-year-old husbands. Not one Muslim authority challenged the Saudi marriage high official, Dr. Ahmad Al Mubi, who stated in 2008, in an interview that aired on LBC TV: “There is no minimal age for entering marriage. The Prophet Muhammad is the model we follow.”
[2] Islamic law states: “a Muslim will not be punished for killing an adulterer.”Islam, therefore, encourages honor killing of women. Since men have more sexual rights than women in Islam, it becomes harder to catch a man committing adultery. Thus women become more susceptible to becoming the victims of theabove law, which allows vigilante street justice against adulterous women. I have never heard a Friday sermon stating that honor killing is forbidden in no uncertain terms.
[3] A rebellious wife is one who “answers her husband coldly” or refuses to go to bed with him. Rebelliousness on the part of the wife nullifies the husband’s obligation to support her and gives him permission to beat her (Shafi Law m10 and m11 p. 541-2). The Prophet said: “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife”.–Sunaan Abu Dawud, 11.2142
[4] Divorce is only in the hands of the husband and is as easy as verbally saying “I divorce you.” Thus the wife is divorced whether the husband had the intention to do it or not. Law n3.2 p 559.
[5] There is no community property between husband and wife in Islam. A Muslim wife would be lucky to inherit 20% from her husband. A man’s property after his death is not given to his wife, but is divided among many members of the family such as his parents, other wives; sons take double what daughters get.
[6] A man has the right to have up to 4 wives. Polygamy is not just a right, but loyalty to one wife is discouraged. Mohammed said: “The best Muslims had the largest number of wives,” Bukhari 7.62.7. A Muslim man does not vow loyalty to his bride in the marriage ceremony and the bride must not expect it. In the Muslim marriage contract itself, the husband is asked to give name and address of wife number 1, 2 and 3 if any. (See a copy of the Muslim marriage contract in my book, chapter 2 of Cruel and Usual Punishment.)
[7] Mutaa or pleasure marriage gives the right to a man to marry a woman for a fixed amount of time, from a few hours to several years. That takes away any holiness in the concept of marriage. The only condition is that the man must pay the woman money (dowry) in exchange for sexual rights over her body. This is simply legalized prostitution, exploiting needy and poor women. This form ofmarriage is not registered or regulated by the State.
Urfi marriage is another form of marriage that is usually kept as a secret. Sharia has not forgotten the traveling man and gave him “Misyar” marriage allowing him “wives” in different cities. Sharia satisfies men’s urges at the expense of women’s dignity and humanity with total disregard to limitations and wholesome standards for men to live by for the benefit of a healthy family life.
[8] The Qur’an often uses the word “nikah,” which literally means sexual intercourse, to mean marriage. The dowry is called “ugur” in the Qur’an, meaning wage. It is payment for owning a woman’s private parts to be used by the husband as he wishes. “The dowry is given in exchange for the woman’s sexual organs.” (Ibn Kathir)
[9] A man is allowed to have sex with slave women and women captured in battle, and if they are married their marriage is annulled. Qur’an 4:24: “All married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess.” Sharia never abolished slavery and highly regulates it, that is, makes it “regular.” Saudi Arabia officially abolished slavery only as late as 1962 after pressure from the “infidel” Western Judeo-Christian culture. To this day, the Muslim leadership in Egypt and Saudi Arabia refuses to annul slave sexual rights for men in Sharia books.
[10] The testimony of a woman in court is half the value of a man, law o24.7. You can guess who usually wins if a man and woman face each other in court.
[11] Revered Muslim theologian Imam Ghazali (1058-1111) defined marriage for generations of Muslims without apology as: “Marriage is a form of slavery. The woman is man’s slave and her duty therefore is absolute obedience to the husband in all that he asks of her person.”
[12] For a Muslim woman to prove rape, she must have 4 male witnesses. “Proof of adultery and rape will be either confession of accused or eye-witness of four male adult Muslims.” Hudood ordinance #7 of 1989 amended by #8B of 20 of 1990.
[13] A rapist may only be required to pay the bride-money (dowry) without marrying.” law m.8.10, page 535. This law tells the man that all he has to do to rectify a rape is to pay a dowry to the rape victim. Rape is almost always blamed on the girl who must come up with 4 male witnesses, especially if she was not covered up the Islamic way. A Muslim preacher in Australia blamed rape by Muslim men on Australian women whom he described as “uncovered meat.”
[14] The Prophet said, “I looked at Hell and saw that the majority of its inhabitants were women.” Bukhari 4:464. There is a book sold in British mosques entitled: “Women Who Deserve to Go to Hell” by Mansoor Abul Hakim.
[15] A Muslim woman must cover every inch of her body since Islam regards every part of a woman’s body as “Awrah,” a sexual organ. Some sects of Islam demand the covering of the face and others don’t. This kind of extreme cover of even the face deepens the feeling of isolation, gender segregation and becomes the symbol of Islamic submission and presence in the West.
[16] Muslim scriptures describe women as deficient in intellect and faith, toys, crooked, half devils, harmful and detrimental to men. Also the prophet stated:“After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women.” Bukhari V 7, B 62/33. “A woman’s jihad is to please her husband” is taught by some Muslim women websites such as, posted on 11-2-2008.
This article is dedicated to Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman in jail who is awaiting death by stoning for alleged adultery. Under international pressure, Iran just announced that her stoning is “postponed.” But the regime still plans to execute her.
Nonie Darwish is the author of “Cruel and Usual Punishment” and “Now They Call Me Infidel” and president of

 Islam peace makers

Interfaith Outreach Program in Egypt Leaves Monks Badly Injured
by sheikyermami on September 19, 2010

Priorities: 300 Egyptian security forces storm monastery with tear gas, batons, and stones to seize building materials, seriously injuring monks

Because nothing — nothing! — says “Religion of Peace and Tolerance” quite like beating up on a bunch of monks!

At issue here once again is the provision in Islamic law that forbids dhimmis, or non-Muslims subjugated under Islamic law’s holy protection racket, their houses of worship or building new ones, as notably described in the Pact of Umar.

Again, apologists have insisted to us and to others that the Pact of Umar is a dead document. Say what they will, pooh-poohing the Pact for Western consumption does nothing to improve the treatment of religious minorities in Muslim lands, where the practices it outlines have a curious habit of persisting.

And we sure didn’t make them up. “Egyptian security forces storm the Monastery of St Macarius, three monks badly injured,” from Asia News, September 15:
About 300 agents take part in the assault, backed by cars and armoured vehicles. Tear gas, batons and stones wee used against the monks. The siege, which began on 7 September, lasted 24 hours. Ownership and new cells for monks are the core of the contentious issue.  Kashmir: Muslims attempt to burn another school over its Christian name An update on this story. Also in this report is news that a priest who had come under threat earlier because his schools’ performance surpassed Muslim ones is now under police protection. “Kashmir: Muslims try to burn a Christian school” (only in name), by Shefali Prabhu for Asia News, September 15/JW
Egypt: Islamic supremacists fabricate story of forced conversion of Muslim woman to Christianity (JW)
Forced conversions of Christian women and girls to Islam abound in Egypt, and so in a characteristic example of their habit of projection and deflection of responsibility onto their victims, Islamic supremacists fabricated a fish story about a Muslim woman being forced to convert to Christianity. “Egyptian Muslim Radicals Fabricated Story of Priest’s Wife Conversion,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA (via JW)

Cairo (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Hundreds of Egyptian security forces, backed by a large number of cars and armoured vehicles, attacked the monastery of St Macarius of Alexandria in Wadi Rayan, Fayoum Province, 150 kilometres south of Cairo. The action began at 8 pm on 7 September, but news about it only filtered recently. About 300 agents took part in the assault, using tear gas, batons and stones against monks, three of whom were seriously wounded.
According to the AINA news agency, security forces prevented the delivery of limestone bricks for the construction of cells for the monks inside the ancient Monastery. They also tried to seize the bricks already delivered but the monks sat on them, refusing to move.
The issue concerns the ownership of the area and its use, with monks and the government holding different positions.
The authorities claim that Wadi Rayan is a conservation area that cannot be touched. The monks say they must build cells inside the monastery, which goes back long before it was ever designated as a conservation area.
Excessive force, to say the least, for a putative land use/code compliance issue.
Security forced surrounded the Monastery until 12 AM the following day, but withdrew “after seeing the insistence of monks to assert their rights,” said Fr Boulos el-Makkary, one of the 85 monks living in the monastery. “They left with the commander promising to be back soon.”
“The monks believe that the government wants to prevent any construction on the premises to prevent any increase in the number of monks living there, even though cells for the monks are badly needed,” Father Boulos added.
At present, cells are shared by five to eight monks even though each should have his own.
The Monastery of St Macarius, also known as the “Buried Monastery” since most of its cells are caves in the mountain, has been uninhabited for a long time because of the lack of electricity and water. However, in 1996 monks began living there permanently and obtained permission from the Minister of Environment.


 Yemeni-American cleric says Islam is in "severe need for guidance"

10/23/2010 By the CNN Wire Staff

An al Qaeda spokesman also releases a new video
Anwar Al-Awlaki has been linked to al Qaeda in Yemen, where he is suspected of hiding

(CNN) -- Yemeni-American cleric and militant Anwar al-Awlaki appeared in a new video message Saturday, saying that Islam is in "severe need for guidance in these dark situations" and that the religion is "exposed to fateful dangers."

In the limited portion of the video that was immediately available to CNN, al-Awlaki called on Muslim scholars to help address the situation.

Al-Awlaki has been linked to al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen, where he is believed to be in hiding.

U.S. officials say al-Awlaki helped recruit Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up a Northwest Airlines trans-Atlantic flight as it landed in Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day.

Al-Awlaki is also said to have exchanged e-mails with accused Fort Hood shooter, Maj. Nidal Hasan.

U.S. officials have confirmed that he is on a CIA and military hit list to be captured or killed.

CNN could not immediately verify the authenticity of the video, including when or where the taping took place. The video message was posted Saturday on the jihadist website Shumoukh al-Islam.

The video's release came on the same day that an American-born al Qaeda spokesman urged Muslims to carry out individual jihad in the United States and Europe in a new video.

"My brothers: Know that jihad is your duty as well, and that you have an opportunity to strike the leaders of unbelief and retaliate against them on their own soul, as long as there is no covenant between you and them," said the spokesman, Adam Gadahn, in a video posted to various jihadist forums, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

"Here you are in the battlefield, just like the heroes before you like Muhammad Atta and ... Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, Faisal Shazad and hundreds of others," Gadahn said, referring to the leader of the 9/11 attacks, the man accused of trying to blow up a plane last Christmas, and the would-be Times Square bomber.

A transcript of the tape was supplied by SITE, a terrorist-tracking organization based outside Washington. SITE said the video was produced by al Qaeda's media arm and was in Arabic with English subtitles. The video ran nearly 50 minutes, SITE said.

Both messages come amid increased threats of attacks on Western targets from al Qaeda.

This month, the second edition of an online al Qaeda magazine surfaced, featuring frank essays, creatively designed imagery, and ominous terror tips such as using a pickup as a weapon and shooting up a crowded restaurant in Washington.

The magazine is called Inspire, and intelligence officials suspect that an American citizen named Samir Khan, now living in Yemen, is the driving force behind the publication.

The latest edition emerged on the 10th anniversary of the suicide attack on the guided missile destroyer USS Cole, which was struck as it refueled in Aden, Yemen. Seventeen people were killed in the bombing.

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 New York-Born Muslim Man Arrested in Hawaii in Terror Case
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
By Tom Hays, Associated Press

New York (AP) - A New York City-born man was ordered to return from Hawaii where he was arrested on charges he tried to join the U.S. military at a Times Square recruiting station so he could he could be deployed to Iraq, desert and fight with anti-American insurgency forces.

Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, 21, was charged with making false statements in the midst of a New York-based terrorism investigation, authorities said Monday.

A U.S. Department of Justice news release said Shehadeh was arrested Friday in Honolulu. A judge there ordered him on Monday to return to Brooklyn to face charges. It was unclear when he would appear in a New York court.

Shehadeh's attorney, Matthew Winter, didn't immediately respond to a phone call and e-mail requesting comment Monday.

"As charged in the complaint, Shehadeh lied about the purpose of his travel to Pakistan, then he lied in his attempt to join the U.S. military, and lied about why he sought to enlist," Janice Fedarcyk, head of New York's FBI office, said in a statement. "The real purpose, it is alleged, was not to join U.S. forces, but to wage war against them. Stopping one prospective terrorist can prevent untold numbers of casualties."

A criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn said the FBI and the New York Police Department had been investigating Shehadeh "and several other individuals in connection with a plot to travel overseas and wage violent jihad against the United States and other coalition military forces."

The complaint alleged that Shehadeh, who was born in the United States and lived on Staten Island, caught the attention of U.S. authorities by buying a one-way ticket to Pakistan in June 2008. Once he arrived there, Pakistani officials wouldn't allow him into the country and he returned to New York.

A follow-up investigation found that Shehadeh had created Internet postings and video promoting jihad, the complaint said.

In October 2006, the complaint said, Shehadeh went to Times Square to try to join the Army. It said when a recruiter asked him if he'd traveled overseas, he lied and said he'd only been to Israel.

Later that month, Shehadeh tried to fly from Newark, N.J. to Jordan, where he again was not allowed entry. Once he returned to the United States on a flight to Detroit, counterterrorism investigators confronted him about the his radical Internet writings.

The complaint said under questioning, he admitted that one of his Web sites was "designed to mirror and reformat the teachings of radical U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki" and "that in the past, he agreed with and sympathized with al-Qaida's violent jihad against the West."

The complaint also alleged Shehadeh attempted to recruit another person to join him to train in Pakistan immediately after the two discussed a sermon by al-Awlaki.

The complaint said Shedaheh insisted he tried to go to Pakistan for religious, not military, training. But witnesses who knew him told investigators that he instructed them that it was the duty of Muslims to fight jihad -- and that signing up in Times Square was the best way to achieve his goal.

Shehadeh "informed (one witness) that he hoped to be deployed to Iraq," the complaint said. "At the time he was applying to join the military, Shehadeh told (the witness), when he arrived in Iraq, he intended to commit 'treason' and fight United States soldiers. (He) explained that joining the military was an easier way to join jihad because the military would provide him with training, transportation and a weapon."

The complaint said Shehadeh traveled to Hawaii in April 2009. There, he bought an airline ticket to Dubai in June, but was intercepted by FBI agents who told him he was on a "no fly" list. In subsequent interviews, he allegedly admitted he had hoped to join the Taliban and receive "guerrilla warfare" and "bomb-making" training, the complaint said.


Associated Press writer George Small in Honolulu contributed to this report.


 Suicide attack targets U.N. compound in western Afghan city

October 24, 2010     By Laura King     Los Angeles Times

Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan

Suicide attackers burst into the main United Nations compound in the western city of Herat on Saturday, setting off a battle with Afghan police and troops. All four assailants were reported killed, and the U.N. said its staff was unharmed.

The incident unsettled the aid community in Afghanistan at a time when a number of international humanitarian and development groups are considering curtailing or halting projects in response to an upcoming ban by President Hamid Karzai on the use of private security guards. Western diplomats are pressing the Afghan leader to ease the restrictions, which are to take effect at the end of the year.

The attack in Herat, the biggest city in western Afghanistan, began with an explosion at the one of the complex's entry gates, provincial officials said. Three assailants then managed to push their way inside. One or more of them wore a burka, or a body-length veil, said Naqib Armin, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

The compound, on the city's edge near the airport, houses several U.N. agencies that employ both foreign and Afghan staff members. Approximately 40 people would have been inside at the time, U.N. spokesman Dan McNorton said.

One attacker was killed at the outset of the strike when he set off explosives in a car, provincial authorities said. Two others apparently detonated their suicide vests, and the last was shot by police.

Herat province is a relatively calm part of the country, so much so that it is being considered as one of the first places where the North Atlantic Treaty Organization force will try to hand over security responsibility to Afghan forces.

With Western military officials claiming major success in driving the Taliban from strongholds in Kandahar province, however, the insurgency has been making a push into parts of the country that were previously relatively safe, such as the north.

Attacks in Kandahar have diminished since the Western military offensive began in earnest about a month ago, but insurgents are still able to move about despite the security cordon around the city. A motorcycle-borne suicide bomber at a main traffic circle in the city killed one passerby and injured two others Saturday, provincial authorities said.

Outside Kandahar city, veteran New York Times photographer Joao Silva was seriously injured Saturday when he stepped on a buried bomb, the newspaper reported on its website.

Although NATO officials say Taliban fighters have been mainly driven out of the district, Arghandab, the insurgents have seeded the area with improvised bombs, which are the principal killer of Western troops.

Most of the 30,000 U.S. troops who arrived this year in President Obama's military buildup are deployed in the south, mainly in Helmand and Kandahar provinces.

NATO troops were not involved in responding to the attack in Herat, said Air Force Lt. Col. Regina Winchester, a spokeswoman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force. However, witnesses said Western forces were seen helping cordon off the scene, and a NATO helicopter circled overhead. NATO troops in the west of Afghanistan are under Italian command.

McNorton, the U.N. spokesman, said it was "too early to speculate" about steps the world body might take in response to the attack on its compound. The U.N. sent hundreds of foreign staffers out of the country after a Taliban attack last October on a U.N. guesthouse in Kabul, the capital, in which five of its foreign staff members were killed.

This year has been a perilous one for foreign aid workers in Afghanistan. In August, insurgent gunmen killed a 10-member medical team, including six Americans, in Badakhshan province, in the north. This month, a Scottish development worker was killed during an attempt by U.S. troops to rescue her after she was abducted by the Taliban.,0,1060109.story

 Iran steps up training of terrorists
Mullah regime solidifying grip on Israel's borders

Posted: October 23, 2010
12:20 am Eastern

By Aaron Klein


JERUSALEM – Iranian Revolutionary Guard units have stepped up their training of Hamas commanders inside the Gaza Strip, according to a senior Egyptian security official.

The official conceded a growing level of cooperation with the Guard in efforts to smuggle weapons into Gaza, while Egypt has reported an increase in Guard training of Hamas division commanders inside the Gaza Strip.

The information comes as Iran publicly solidifies its hold over its other allies along the Israeli border, most notably Syria and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia in Lebanon.

WND reported it was Lebanese-based Iranian Revolutionary Guard units and the Hezbollah-militia that assumed security control for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit last week to Lebanon.

"The Lebanese Army was just the cover for Iranian Guards based in Lebanon and for Hezbollah, which both assumed full security control for Ahmadinejad," said a top Lebanese politician, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"This shows how Iran can take over Lebanon's security when needed," he said.

(Story continues below)

The purported security coordination may be the latest sign of widening Iranian and Syrian influence over Lebanon, whose pro-democracy leadership recently had hoped to orient the country toward the West.

Another sign is Ahmadinejad's visit itself, which was clearly aimed at consolidating Iranian control over Lebanon and proving U.S. influence in the region is on the decline.

Speaking at a press conference alongside Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, Ahmadinejad tried to fan tensions between Lebanon and Israel.

He stated: "We seek a unified, modern Lebanon, and we will stand with the people and government of Lebanon – and with all elements in the Lebanese nation – until they achieve all their goals. We completely support the Lebanese people's fight against the Zionist enemy."

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton countered, "We reject any efforts to destabilize or inflame tensions within Lebanon."

The Associated Press reported thousands of Lebanese – mainly Hezbollah supporters – came out to greet Ahmadinejad, lining the highway from the airport into Beirut, waving Lebanese and Iranian flags while loudspeakers blasted anthems, and women in the crowd sold Hezbollah flags and balloons to onlookers.

Israel on war alert

Israel is on heightened alert for possible attacks by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah organization in Lebanon, according to a senior Israeli defense official speaking to WND.

The official said the Jewish state is concerned Hezbollah might try to spark a conflict to deflect attention from an international tribunal investigating the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who died in a car bomb explosion in 2005.

The probe is reportedly set to indict members of Hezbollah for the murder. The indictments may come as soon as the next few weeks, according to reports.

Hezbollah is deeply concerned about the political fallout within Lebanon if its members are accused of murdering Hariri, the defense official said.

As such, Hezbollah may try to carry out attacks against Israel similar to those that prompted the 2006 Lebanon War. During the conflict, Hezbollah fired constant rocket barrages into Israel, killing 43 Israelis and wounding more than 4,200.

Hezbollah and Syria have attempted to discredit the U.N. probe. Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has delivered television addresses claiming Israel was behind Hariri's killing and that spies working for Israel planted "false evidence" blaming Hezbollah.

Earlier this month, Syria issued arrest warrants for 33 people for allegedly misleading the U.N. investigation. The targets include figures close to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri – Rafiq Hariri's son – including his media adviser, senior security officers and journalists working in Hariri-owned media outlets.


 Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians"
Cheshvan 14, 5771,

22 October 10     by Elad Benari     Israel national news

 Jewish Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein was reconfirmed this week as Vice President of Italy’s Foreign Affairs Committee. In addition, she was also appointed an official consultant on Israel and the international Jewish communities by Italian Foreign Minister Frattini.

Earlier this week, Nirenstein commented on Christian leaders who criticize Israel yet ignore violence by Arabs. She pointed out that “Islam does not like Eastern Christians: it has forced them to flee and now they account for only 6% of the population in the Mideast”, and added that the only country where the number of Christians has grown is Israel, where 163,000 Christians live today, a number which is expected to grow to 187,000 by the year 2020. “In Muslim countries, on the other hand, Christians are on the wane, but the 50 churches present in the Holy Land seem not to notice. They prefer to dump on Israel, where they enjoy full freedom of worship and expression,” said Nirenstein.

Commenting on the Vatican Synod about Middle East taking place in Rome these days, Nirenstein pointed out a document “written in a tone of theological excommunication towards the State of Israel,” which was signed by the Custodian of the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa, who later denied involvement, saying that “no church in the Holy Land had signed the document.” Nirenstein pointed out, however, that the names of top-level signers are clearly visible on the document which is available on the internet. The document speaks in the name of "us Christian Palestinians," and says that “the military occupation is a sin against God and against man”. It excommunicates Christian supporters of Israel, takes sides against the very presence of Israel, likens the defensive barrier that has blocked 98% of terrorism to apartheid, attacks the communities in Judea and Samaria and essentially cancels the existence of the Jewish state. The document goes so far as to legitimize terrorism when it talks about the “thousands of prisoners who languish in Israeli jails” which are “part of the society around us”. “Resistance to the evil of occupation is a Christian's right and duty," says the document.

“In the final draft of the appeal which will be voted on Friday, the Synod is once again offering the Catholic Church as the guarantor of freedom of religious and personal freedom for all religions,” wrote Nirenstein. “But if there are no sanctions against what Christians suffer in Islamic countries and if they continue to blame the Jews who have nothing to do with it all, how do they think they will be able—morally and practically—to sustain this?”

Other comments made by Nirenstein this past week addressed remarks made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that Germany's multicultural approach to immigration “has failed, utterly failed,” and that in the future, immigrants should be expected to integrate into German culture.

“The point is that certain cultures very often have no intention of mixing in with ours, despite our actions and best intentions,” said Nirenstein in response. “Paris has become a city in which more than 200,000 people live in families where polygamy is common practice. In Italy 30,000 women have been subjected to genital mutilation and Islamic courts—ninety-odd in London alone—inflict sentences that are inconceivable.”

She pointed out that despite the fact that immigrants should have freedom of rights because of democracy, “they have other rules, not the ones of democracy. In Germany, Chancellor Merkel’s homeland, a Berlin lawyer was beaten along with her Muslim client who wanted a divorce; she was also attacked in the subway and was forced to close her practice. Again in Germany, Mozart’s opera, Idomeneo, was cancelled following Islamic threats. By pure luck, the editor-in-chief of Die Welt, Roger Köppel, blocked the hand of a young Muslim who was about to stab him in his office. In Germany, England and France, it is no longer possible to trace the “missing girls” who become slaves following arranged marriages. Giulio Meotti writes that, in Stockholm, the latest fashion is a T-shirt worn by young Muslim on which is written: ‘In 2030 we will take over’. Just some incidents.

“When we are faced by a culture like that of Islam, there are forms of irreducibility that run up against legal and moral issues with a whole range of subtleties,” continued Nirenstein. “For us, ‘immigration’ is a sacred term, filled of a sense of guilt, of generosity, of religion and liberal or left-wing overtones. But democracy is also a sacred term, our most important conquest: the masses of immigrants that do not share our democratic values put it in danger. And while we think that allowing immigration is a duty of democracy, we don’t understand that we are putting it at stake. Perhaps Chancellor Merkel—democratic German, pro-Europe, middle-class, complex-ridden and shy as every cultured German is—has succeeded in posing the question.”

Earlier this month, Nirenstein organized a mass rally-demonstration entitled “For the truth, for Israel” which was held in Rome. 63 speeches were made by personalities, politicians, intellectuals, artists and journalists from all over Europe during the rally which was billed as "the first European, bipartisan event aimed at restoring the truth regarding Israel, putting an end to the barrage of lies that are hurled at Israel every day and to the double standard used by the media and international organizations." According to estimates, 3,000 people attended the rally.

 Quran tells men to beat disobedient wives

UAE Official Tries to Explain Court Ruling Upholding Muslim Men’s Right to Beat Their Wives

October 21, 2010     By Patrick Goodenough

A verse in the Quran instructs Muslim husbands with disobedient wives to admonish them, then to refuse to sleep with them, and finally to beat them.

( – A top judicial official in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday tried to allay concerns raised by a controversial ruling from the country’s highest court upholding the right of a Muslim to beat his wife and children.

Islamic scholars cite the Quran itself in defending wife-beating – specifically, a sura that instructs Muslim husbands with disobedient wives to admonish them, then to refuse to sleep with them, and finally to beat them.

In a statement published by the official Emirati news agency WAM, Justice Ministry official Humaid al-Muhairi said domestic violence was not tolerated in the UAE, and the government would continue to act in the case of actions that go “beyond acceptable bounds.”

Muhairi’s statement did not directly contradict this week’s ruling by the Supreme Court, whose independence is upheld by the UAE constitution. He ignored altogether the most contentious element reported by UAE media – that Islamic (shari’a) law gives a Muslim the right to “discipline” his wife and children, provided he does not leave physical marks.

Instead, Muhairi focused on the fact that the court had upheld the conviction of a man who had hit and kicked his wife and 23-year-old daughter. The basis of the conviction in the wife’s case was that the beating was too severe. In the daughter’s case, the Supreme Court said she was too old to be disciplined by her father.

Noting that “the husband was convicted of an excessive degree of chastisement of his wife,” Muhairi said, “It is clear, therefore, that shari’a law does not permit such acts. The ruling further stated that the father’s chastisement of his adult daughter was a breach of shari’a law.”

The statement by Muhairi came in response to local and international media coverage headlining the court’s endorsement of beating within limitations.

“Although the (law) permits the husband to use his right (to discipline), he has to abide by the limits of this right,” the UAE daily The National quoted Chief Justice Falah al-Hajeri as having said.

Reports on the court decision drew condemnation from human rights groups, with Human Rights Watch calling the case “evidence that the authorities consider violence against women and children to be completely acceptable.”

“Domestic violence should never be tolerated under any circumstances,” said the organization’s Middle East women’s rights researcher, Nadya Khalife. “These provisions are blatantly demeaning to women and pose serious risks to their well-being.”

Asked about the case, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said, “We have an ongoing dialogue with the UAE that includes our concerns about human rights, and I imagine this would be a part of that dialogue.”

The UAE penal code allows “punishment by a husband of his wife and punishment by parents and custodians of minor children, within the limits prescribed by the shari’a law.”

UAE, a federation of seven emirates including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has a large expatriate community and is viewed as relatively liberal.

The World Economic Forum’s recently-released annual Global Gender Gap Report, which tracks the degree to which countries have closed gender gaps in politics, education and health, put UAE at 103 out of 134 countries rated, above 12 other Arab states in the index (including Saudi Arabia at 129 and Yemen, placed last at 134.)

‘Beating etiquette’

Many Muslim scholars typically argue that Islam gave rights to women centuries before women enjoyed them elsewhere in the world.

An Afghani shopkeeper waits for customers in his burqa shop in Kabul, Afghanistan on Sept. 1, 2009. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

“Before the advent of Islam, woman had no position in society,” writes one Muhammad Amjad Tariq is a widely-circulated article on the subject. “They were at the mercy and caprice of the menfolk and were treated as goods and chattels. It was Islam that, for the first time, vindicated the rights of woman and gave them a status unknown and even unthought of this day. They are granted all the fundamental rights. Islam is the unique religion in this respect to endow woman with equal rights and to put her on the same level with man.”

Sura 30:21 of the Quran speaks of Allah having ordained “love and mercy” between man and wife.

On the other hand, sura 4:34 spells out how a Muslim husband should deal with a rebellious, disobedient or disloyal wife: “As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them,” said the Pickthall translation of Islam’s revered text.

Another translation, Shakir, says, “Those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them.”

On Egyptian television last February, Islamic cleric Sa’d Arafat discussed with an interviewer the “etiquette” for corporal punishment of wives. Beatings were permissible in Islam, he said, when a man’s wife “refuses to sleep with him.”

“The prophet Muhammad said: ‘Don’t beat her in the face, and do not make her ugly,’” he said, according to video clip [3] of the Arabic-language interview and translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“See how she is honored,” Arafat continued. “If the husband beats his wife, he must not beat her in the face. Even when he beats her, he must not curse her. This is incredible! He beats her in order to discipline her.

“In addition, there must not be more than ten beatings, and he must not break her bones, injure her, break her teeth, or poke her in the eye. There is a beating etiquette. If he beats to discipline her, he must not raise his hand high. He must beat her from chest level. All these things honor the woman.”

MEMRI also provided a translation of a 2007 television interview with the Egyptian scholar who has since been appointed by President Hosni Mubarak to the foremost position in Sunni Islam – the head of Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, location of President Obama’s 2009 “speech to the Muslim world.”

Discussing the Quranic injunction to beat rebellious wives (Quran 4:34), Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad al-Tayyeb said, “It’s not that anybody can start beating as he sees fit. [Westerners] who claim this are talking about an Islam which is a figment of their imagination … It’s not really beating, it’s more like punching ... It’s like shoving or poking her. That's what it is.”