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- Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies (4/28/2007)
- Gutless publisher nixes book over fears of Islamic sensitivity - Shria already controling the West

- Is Islam inherently violent
- Rep Keith Ellison tied to group that holds Quran as highest legal authority
- Canada turns away former terrorist

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Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies

April 28, 2007    © 2007

Police worry about Kansas City 'catering' to Islamic rituals.  The Kansas City International Airport has added several foot-washing basins in restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim taxicab drivers who requested the facilities to prepare for daily Islamic prayer, WND has learned.

The move concerns airport police who worry about Middle Eastern men loitering inside the building. After 9/11, the airport beefed up its police force to help prevent terrorist attacks.

"Why are we constructing places of worship for them inside our airports?" said an airport official who requested anonymity. "Why are we catering to their rituals? We don't do it for any other religion."

Other major airports also are dealing with increased demands from Muslim cabdrivers.

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For instance, cabbies at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport recently caused a stir when they refused to carry passengers possessing alcoholic beverages or accompanied by seeing-eye dogs. Alcohol is forbidden in Islam, and dogs are considered unclean.

There are approximately 250 taxicab drivers operating at KCI Airport in Missouri, one of the largest airports in the U.S., linking some 10 million passengers between mid-America and other U.S. cities. Approximately 70 percent of the drivers are of Middle Eastern heritage and practice the Islamic faith, sources say.

KCI Airport Police are responsible for the cab drivers, including the holding areas of the building. The KCI Aviation Department, which oversees the police, recently expanded the taxicab facility restroom area to include the construction of four individual foot-washing benches.

The cost of the project is not immediately known. A spokeswoman for the engineering department said she could not break out the figures.

KCI Airport Police Capt. Jim Harmon declined comment, explaining, "This is a touchy subject."

He referred questions to the KCI Aviation Department.

In a cleansing ritual known as ablution, Muslims are required to wash their feet before praying to Allah five times a day. They often complain that public restroom sinks do not accommodate their needs. Floor-level basins make it easier for them to perform their foot-washing ritual.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has pressed government agencies and businesses to install the foot basins in restrooms.

The controversial Muslim lobby group advises employers to allow Muslim workers time to perform both the washing ritual and prayer, which "is usually about 15 minutes," according to a pamphlet CAIR publishes called, "An Employer's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices."

The Islamic purification ritual, known in Arabic as "wudu," involves a 10-step process, which includes:

1. Praising Allah while washing both hands up to the wrist three times, making sure that the water reaches between fingers and under rings.
2. Rinsing out the mouth thoroughly three times, using the right hand (the one not used for cleaning private parts) to bring the water to the mouth.

3. Snorting water into the nostrils from the right hand, three times, to cleanse them of demons that Muslims believe reside there, clearing the passages of any mucous using the left hand.

4. Washing off the tip of the nose with the left hand.

5. Washing the entire face three times from right ear to left ear.

6. Continuing to wash from forehead to throat.

7. Washing the right arm and then the left arm, three times, from the wrist up to the elbow, removing watches.

8. Moving wetted palms over the head from the top of the forehead to the back of the head.

9. Passing the wetted tips of the fingers into the grooves and holes of both ears, and also passing the wetted thumbs behind the ears and ear lobes.

10. Finally, washing both feet to the ankles starting with the right foot, including between the toes, then reciting: "Ash-hadu an la ilaha illal lahu wa ashhadu anna Muammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluh" – meaning there is no god but Allah and he has no partners, and Muhammad is his servant and messenger.

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 Canada turns away former terrorist
American, who converted to Christianity, exposes jihad, now unfit to enter Canada    by Bob Unruh
December 7, 2006     © 2006

Ex-PLO member Walid Shoebat on Fox News

Walid Shoebat, the former PLO terrorist and member of the Muslim Brotherhood who now warns the free world of the impending threat from Islamic terrorism, has been denied entry into Canada for a speaking engagement at a Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Keith Davies, the director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation, told WND Shoebat is a well-known voice "speaking against radical Islam. Obviously they want to have his voice silenced."

The rejection came yesterday from immigration officials at the Toronto airport, even though Shoebat was carrying with him letters showing his good standing with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as an invitation letter from the Wiesenthal centers in Ottawa and Montreal, said Davies.

When he arrived at the Toronto airport, he was told he would not be allowed into Canada, and after waiting for several hours, flew back to the U.S., Davies said, even though Shoebat had been admitted to Canada just a few weeks earlier.

"What's most ironic is that he was replaced by another speaker, who happens to be a Canadian citizen (by naturalization) who has admitted to killing (hundreds) of Arabs in gang warfare (during his youth)," Davies said.

That replacement speaker is Zachariah Anani, who often works with Shoebat, Davies said.

"Certainly it was a political move," Davies said, citing a similar incident a few years back when Shoebat was to speak in Vancouver, but "active supporters of terrorism" wanted to have his voice stopped so they made complaints to the border police.

The official reasoning given for the travel permission denial, Davies said, was that Shoebat "might be a security risk."

But Shoebat is the author of several books, a prominent speaker and has appeared on CNN, FOX News, NBC, CBS, and ABC. He has also been featured on the BBC.

Davies said Shoebat's message is critical to today's world. The majority of Americans probably can feel that something is wrong, he said, but remain in "denial" about the reason, because they don't want to recognize that there's a part of the world population that hates America.

"Americans need to know the terrorist mindset and understand why terrorists want to destroy the West," Shoebat said in a commentary. "Disaster will surely come to America if she continues to misunderstand her enemies, because the ideologies of the Middle East are very different."

He described how in his own youth he would attack Jewish security forces, endangering his own life, because he sought the death of a martyr. That's what he was taught, he said.

Davies said different groups of people in the United States have different perspectives on taxes, abortion, the media and other issues.

"But we need to be united as a nation on the security and the defense and Western values of the free world," he said. That's a large part of Shoebat's message, Davies said.

What American should be paying attention to is the problem of Islamic teachings in schools, in mosques and other places, to find the source of the radical Muslim teachings and training.

"We're putting fires out. We're catching terrorists but we're ignoring the root cause of terrorism," Davies said.

"We're not addressing that, just like we're choosing to say Islam is a peaceful religion when anyone with half a brain can see that's not the case," Davies said.

He also noted that just a few weeks ago, on Sept. 20, 2006, Shoebat was allowed to enter Canada, via ground transport, and was invited to speak on Canadian National TV.

During a previous appearance in Canada, he was a keynote speaker for the Asper Foundation in Winnipeg, officials said.

Walid's grandfather was the Muslim mukhtar (chieftain) of Beit Sahour-Bethlehem and friend of Haj-Ammen Al-Husseni, the notorious friend of Adolf Hitler. As a young man, Walid joined the Palestinian Liberation Organization and pursued a terror campaign against Israel, for which he was jailed.

After his release, he continued pursuing violence by rioting in Bethlehem and the Temple Mount, and after his parents sent him to the United States for college, he worked for the Arab Student Organization at Loop College in Chicago.

It was in 1993 when he started studying the Tanach (the Jewish portion of the Holy Bible) in a challenge issued by his wife. He wanted her to convert to Islam and she challenged him to find any mistakes in the Bible. He soon became an advocate for the Jews and Isreal, speaking to churches, synagogues, civic groups, government leaders and media.

He now lives in the U.S. with his wife and children, but uses an assumed name and keeps his location secret for protection.

He's spoken at Harvard, Columbia, Concordia, UCLA, USC, the University of Georgia, Washington University, Penn State and others. Print media outlets worldwide have reported on his life's work.

His new book, "Why I left Jihad," is a look at the prophecy in the Tanach.

"Walid Shoebat's commitment to the pursuit of truth and his courageous efforts to combat hatred are awe inspiring," said Rabbi Paul Silton, of Temple Israel in Albany.

On his website, he notes that the Israeli Arab conflict isn't about geography, but "Jew hatred; throughout the Islamic as well as Christendom's history Jews have been persecuted, the persecution of Israel is just the same as the old anti-Semitism."

The centers to which he was going in Canada are the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, a Canadian human rights group.

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Muslim barber who taught kids jihad flees U.S.
Judge allowed him to keep passport when released prior to sentencing

November 25, 2006    © 2006

A Muslim who used his Seattle barber shop to teach children "how to shoot and fight the Americans" has fled to Somalia to avoid prison after he was convicted on federal counterfeiting and weapons charges.

Ruben Shumpert, a black American who converted to Islam, was among more than a dozen arrested by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force two years ago on charges including immigration fraud and bank fraud, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

Shumpert was able to leave the country because a judge allowed him to keep his passport when he was released from custody prior to sentencing. A condition of Shumpert's release was that he surrender the passport prior to his sentencing, which was scheduled for Tuesday.

While he was not convicted on terrorism-related charges, federal agents allege Shumpert's barber shop was a gathering place for radical Muslims where he showed children videotapes of "fighting, shooting and killing with images on his computer screen of al-Qaida and the Taliban," the PI reported.

In court documents, the agents called his shop a kind of "anti-American training ground for Muslims."

Federal authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of Shumpert, also known as Amir Abdul Muhaimin.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Redkey said Shumpert had been free on personal recognizance and faced sentencing under a plea agreement.

According to Redkey, Shumpert made a phone call from Somalia to an FBI agent on the Joint Terrorism Task Force from Somalia. The convict apparently has little fear of being tracked down as the African nation, considered a hotbed of radical Islam, has no extradition treaty with the U.S.

Redkey told the Seattle paper it has become more common in recent years for judges to allow defendants to turn in their passports after they are released from custody, but the U.S. Attorney's Office is reviewing the practice.
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 Is Islam inherently violent?
New blockbuster, 'Religion of Peace?,' reveals disturbing facts
November 2, 2006   © 2006

It's the secret question in official Washington, D.C., in the Pentagon, and in the White House. It's the question that is so radioactive that most in government and the press dare not even pose it, let alone answer it:

Is Islam inherently violent and expansionist?

In the days following 9/11, President Bush assured America and the world that Islam was a "religion of peace" and that the violent followers of Osama Bin Laden had twisted the true Muslim faith. Acting on this belief, President Bush and other Western leaders sent troops to the Middle East in an effort to bring freedom and democracy to the Muslim world.

But what if this "understanding" of Islam is based not on fact, but instead on equal parts wishful thinking and Islamic deceit? It would mean that the entire War on Terror is based on a faulty – and increasingly deadly – premise.

In a disturbing but thoroughly researched new book, "Religion of Peace? Islam's War Against the World," author and filmmaker Gregory M. Davis rebuts the notion that Islam is a great faith in desperate need of a Reformation. Instead, he exposes it as a form of totalitarianism, a belief system that orders its adherents not to baptize all nations, but to conquer and subdue them. Islamic law's governance of every aspect of religious, political and personal action has far more in common with Nazism than with the tenets of Christianity or Judaism.

Davis details how Islamic thought divides the world into two spheres locked in perpetual combat: There's dar al-Islam ("House of Islam," where Islamic law predominates), and dar al-harb ("House of War," the rest of the world). This concise yet thorough book leaves no doubt as to why most of the world's modern conflicts are connected to Islam – and calls into question why Western elites refuse to acknowledge Islam's violent nature.

Virtually every contemporary Western leader has expressed the view that Islam is a peaceful religion and that those who commit violence in its name are fanatics who misinterpret its tenets. This widely circulated claim is false, says Davis.

As the author and filmmaker wrote in WND recently:

The mistake Westerners make when they think about Islam is that they impose their own views of religion onto something decidedly outside Western tradition. Because violence done in the name of God is "extreme" from a Western/Christian point of view, they imagine that it must be so from an Islamic one. But unlike Christianity, which recognizes a separate sphere for secular politics ("Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's"), Islam has never distinguished between faith and power. While Christianity is doctrinally concerned primarily with the salvation of souls, Islam seeks to remake the world in its image. According to orthodox Islam, Sharia law – the codified commandments of the Quran and precedents of the Prophet Muhammad – is the only legitimate basis of government. Islam is in fact an expansionary social and political system more akin to National Socialism and Communism than any "religion" familiar to Westerners. Islamic politics is inevitably an all-or-nothing affair in which the stakes are salvation or damnation and the aim is to not to beat one’s opponent at the polls but to destroy him – literally as well as politically.

Davis received his Ph.D. in political science from Stanford University and is managing director of Quixotic Media and producer of the feature documentary, "Islam: What the West Needs to Know."

Relying primarily on Islam's own sources, "Religion of Peace? Islam's War Against the World" demonstrates that Islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the subjugation and destruction of other faiths, cultures and systems of government. Further, it shows that the jihadis that Westerners have been indoctrinated to believe are extremists, are actually in the mainstream.

"Religion of Peace? Islam's War Against the World" is a powerful and jarring wake-up call to all civilized nations – and one they ignore at their peril.

Get "Religion of Peace: Islam's War Against the World" by Gregory M. Davis at WND's online store today!
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 Gutless publisher nixes book over fears of Islamic sensitivity

Thriller dumped after booksellers, librarians, refused to stock novel with Muslim bad guy
November 25, 2006
© 2006

Award-winning author John Dale's latest novel is a gripping, page-turner of a thriller by all accounts, but it won't be in stores soon because his publisher has dumped the novel after booksellers and librarians said they wouldn't carry it because the "baddie" was a Muslim terrorist.

Dale, an Australian writer, was commissioned in March 2004 by Scholastic Australia, a leading children's publisher to write a "tough, snappy thriller," that would cause their young readers to "break out in sweats and their eyes to bulge without giving them actual nightmares."
The result was "Army of the Pure," a book Dale described to the Australian as a contemporary action adventure written to appeal to his own son, "a book he could not put down."

The novel tells the story of four children pursued by Afghan terrorists after they discover a plot to blow up a nuclear reactor in a Sydney suburb.

Scholastic was pleased with the book, calling it a "gripping page-turner" and Dale's writing "almost flawless."

But that was before the marketing department had its say.

The company surveyed "a broad range of booksellers and library suppliers" about carrying the new book and were met with concerns over its featuring of a Muslim terrorist.

"They all said they would not stock it," said Andrew Berkhut, Scholastic's general manager, "and the reality is if the gatekeepers won't support it, it can't be published."

The "gatekeepers," however, had no problem with terrorists in two recent Australian bestsellers. Richard Flanagan's "The Unknown Terrorist" and Andrew McGahan's "Underground" portray terrorists as victims who were driven to violence by the West.

McGahan's "Underground" has Muslims executed en masse or herded into ghettos as the war on terror twists Australia into an unrecognizable society.

Flanagan, who describes Jesus Christ as "history's first ... suicide bomber," dedicated his book to David Hicks, an Australian currently detained at Guantanamo after being captured fighting with the Taliban.

In a 2004 documentary, Hicks' father read excerpts of his son's letters, written before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in which he said that he was training in Pakistan and Afghanistan to ensure "the Western-Jewish domination is finished, so we live under Muslim law again," and warns his father to ignore "the Jews' propaganda war machine."

Dale's not happy with any of the gatekeepers, his publisher included.

"There are no guns, no bad language, no sex, no drugs, no violence that is seen or on the page," Dale told the Australian, "but because two characters are Arabic-speaking and the plot involves a mujahideen extremist group, Scholastic's decision is based "100 percent (on) the Muslim issue."

Scholastic's decision was "disturbing because it's the book's content they are censoring," he said.

"A gutless" publishing decision, added Lyn Tranter, Dale's agent. "I am appalled that this is censorship by salesmen."

In addition to being an author, Dale is director of the Center for New Writing at the University of Technology in New South Wales.

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