The Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Left-wing, Socialist Watch List.

A Socialist seeks power at the expense of others - disguised as one who cares;
A Client of the Socialist is a mouse existing at the pleasure of the cat.

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02/21/2002 BATFE
EDU Watch

12/29/02 Campus Watch

    Intellect:  The ability to learn and reason; the capacity for knowledge and understanding.
Today's intellectuals have perhaps acquired a great deal of knowledge, but they are totally void
   of  understanding
The Middle East studies professorate is almost monolithically leftist due to a
   systematic exclusion of those with conservative or even moderately liberal views.  The result is
   that Middle East studies lack intellectual diversity  -  Dave Horowitz.
01/21/2005 EDU Terrorist
   Universities and colleges that condone terrorism and condemn Conservative Students and
07/28/2002 NEA Power
    95% of NEA's political contributions go to Demoncrats, because Demoncrats are the only ones left-wing
    enough to support them - but what are they teaching your children.
  Guide to being a Good Demoncrat
04/19/2002 IRS
New National Public Radio
    Get a socialist slant on the news.
  Utterly Stupid Prosecutors!
It is against the law to protect your family.
05/24/2002 Whites need not apply
9/30/2013 Black Watch:  Want to live in a blacks only nation?
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