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This Site is intended to inform the reader of conditions on our Southern border, hoping the reader will take political action and pressure politicians to shut off funding to these - 12 million and counting - illegals.   It takes courage to pass a free country to your children.    Join the fight,  you can Write,  Phone,  or e-mail Congress,  tell them to close our borders and
stop supporting Illegals NOW.

Now that we have President Trump to support us you can expect less wasted time and effort clearing illegals from America.
The Break from England finalized in 
1783 ending the revolution, after which 1776 became recognized as the birth date of the republic.   241 Plus years of Freedom But how much Longer will that last given the expansion of so many unpatriotic fools willing to tear the house down around themselves.

Illegals Transform the Southwest Desert
- 20 Million and Counting


10 Miles of  Private Fence is up and Working while Bush and Obama ignores the tragic results of doing nothing.
Sheriff Joe Arpio was defeated by a left wing open-borders sheriff
and this left wing dufus is releasing illegals back onto Arizona's streets by the hundreds. 
I hope the idiots that wants them released will be the first to die, be raped, be robbed or be beaten.
Bush allowed two border guards who were doing their job, to be prosecuted by an idiot state Prosecutor on the word of a criminal illegal and whose family was friendly with the Prosecutor.   So in this case we can correctly say Bush really caused part of the problem and in this one failed action alone Bush clearly demoralized the remaining Border Guards which kept them from doing a proper job.

Bush refused to pardoned these agents
so after they were released they can never be rehired as border agents or have a job where they carry a weapon.

In the links below you can find news displayed about illegals and those helping them, including the Mexican Government,  U.S. Federal and State Governments, and U.S. Civilian Companies that hire and support them, often using your tax dollars in the process.  
I oppose the flood of illegals and the use of billions of tax dollars confiscated from us by our government.

Once more into the breach -- Obama 2010 will push for amnesty for 20 million illegals, he expects them to join SEIU and vote Demoncrat.   SEIU is a union filled with low income slave wage workers, many  illegally in the U.S.
Border Agents go to Jail - TOC Charged by an idiot prosecutor incorrectly using a valid law, and then set the Drug Runner Free, who was caught again running drugs soon after.   Even while border agents facing death daily sorry-ass Bush would not pardon them for shooting a drug runner.   Their problem was - they didn't kill him.
Details here: 
 BP1 BP2  -  BP3  -  BP4  -  BP5  -  BP6  -  BP7
   -  BP8  -  11/14/2008
Follow-up - 3/13/2009

Border Rules Stupid Homeland Security, Stupid Juries, Stupid Judges, Where's the President and the Congress!
    They are all giving this country away.  Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison.
Border Police Do Your Job - Go To Jail

Border Agents Murdered Latest: 2/17/11
KIA on the job, on the border. -  6/27/2008       Does the Mexican Government Complain about that - hell no.
Crime Committed by Illegals
This is but a tiny percentage but is an example of the assault on America sanctioned by POTUS ignoring U.S. law.
CCBI-page 1,   CCBI-page 2
Deaths by Illegals
Illegals kill Americans every day - Most are drunk drivers. - updated 3/30/2014

The Rememberance Project is a Latino group educating against illegals and government that will not uphold the law.
FAIR Visit a page that has archived many incidents of illegals criminal activity such as murder, rape, and manslaughter
FAIR seeks to improve border security, to stop illegal immigration, and to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interestómore traditional rates of about 300,000 a year
Illegals Cost US Billions
Archives of illegals crimes and misdemeanors pages 1 thru 30

Immigrants Cost US Billions Immigrants are sucking the US dry  There was a time when you had to have a sponsor to financially support to come here, I don't know when that changed.
Mexican Invasion Invasion USA 1  -  Invasion USA 2  -  Invasion USA 3  -  Invasion USA 4  -  Mexico Page 5  -  Mexico Page 6
Mexico Page 7  -  Mexico Page 8  -  Mexico Page 9  -  LaRaza Page 1
The invasion is on, supported by the Mexican Government.  Mexican Racist Groups are attempting to take over schools and towns, pay attention folks the crap you don't want to face is here. - Last Posted 6/28/2008
Homeland Invasion
Chinese Crossing Mexican Border Into USA:  A lot more than Mexican workers are crossing our borders - Our government is totally incompetent or has chosen to ignore our safety and sovereignty
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps:
8/7/2010: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project and MinutemanHQ.com is a project of the Declaration Alliance -- a public policy and issues advocacy organization that aggressively addresses the intensifying assaults that the American Republic continues to endure -- at home, and abroad. Declaration Alliance is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit, tax exempt organization. [Not associated with the Minuteman Project]

MCDC PAC works to advance candidates for public office who will uphold the well-defined and time-honored political philosophy of our American Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. [The PAC of Declaration Alliance]

Correspondence  The Official Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

Help Lock Out the Illegals  Help build the fence.
Minuteman Project: Founded by Jim Gilchrist on Oct. 1, 2004, after years of frustrated efforts trying to get a neglectful U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws.  Organizes border watchers and reports illegal entries to the Border Patrol.
[Not associated with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps]
News From the Southern Border This is a Virtual Site, a single location where you can find much of the current and archived news about illegals and those helping them, including Federal and State Governments, Civilian Companies that hire and support them, often using your tax dollars. 10/16/2007
Numbers USA  -  Local Numbers This is one of the most organized and effective Illegal alien fighting, letter writing action group you can find.  I have been a member for some time and I highly recommend them.
Restoring Common sense Immigration Links to Congress
Sheriff Joe Arpiao - Mericopa County Comments and Conditions in Mericopa County, Arizona
The New "Immigrant" Is nothing like the old Immigrant
Use prewritten letters Take action to Secure The Borders now -  to Whitehouse, Bill Nelson, Mel Martinez, and Cliff Stearns.   The fight for border security is far from over.
Politician will ignore us whenever they can - keep the pressure on.
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 News From the Border  -  Current News and News Archives

Page 37

-- Report from Maricopa County, AZ - 8/26/09
-- Chuck Schumer on the loose again - posted 7/24/09
-- 33 of 46 arrested in N.J. in gang sweep - 6/24/09
-- Latino-rights activist Nativo Lopez charged with voter fraud - 6/25/09
-- UPS makes grant to National Council of La Raza - 4/27/09
Page 38
Page 35

-- Mexican Soldiers Raid Tijuana Drug Cartel - 6/23/2008
-- Mexican Smugglers Make US Lands Unsafe - 6/20/2008
-- The cost of hiring 126 illegal aliens: $6.8 million - 5/30/2008
-- US Warns Tourists about Mexico Border - 5/17/2008
Page 36

-- Border violence rises as drug wars escalate - 5/11/09
-- Obama Fines Mexican Cartels - 4/16/09
-- US to name Border Czar to watch Mexican border - Posted 5/11/09
-- Minuteman Project president, Jim Gilchrist, to President Obama: "Send in the Airborne Rangers" - 3/11/2009
-- Border Violence: Drug Cartel's Tentacles Stretch Across U.S. - Posted 2/26/2009
-- Escalating violence on our Southern Border - Posted 1/27/2009
-- Where's the fence - Posted 1/26/2009
-- Texas taxpayers spent $678 million on healthcare for illegal immigrants - 12/14/08
-- Signs - posted 10/24/2008 at bottom of page
Page 33

-- Amero coming within decade - 10/5/2007
-- Not even teachers can speak English - 9/1/2007
-- Voter-ID law's key elements upheld - 8/30/2007
-- Iraqi terrorists captured coming into the US from Mexico - 8/23/2007
-- Illegals from terrorist nations crossing into Arizona - 8/16/2004
Page 34

-- Study Finds Mexican Immigrants Do Not Assimilate Quickly - 5/15/2008
-- Congress says cut benefits to senior - heres why 4/21/2008
-- American company gives US Southwest to Mexico 4/3/2008
-- Bush pulls rank to finish fence 4/1/2008
-- Burglars strike home of Sierra Vista mayor
-- Mexican military, U.S. police have border standoff in Texas
Page 31

- Amnesty - How Your Senator Voted
Page 32

-- San Francisco fails in attack on Savage - 8/14/2007
-- Border Patrol Agent kills coyote - 8/11/2007
-- Ousted for speaking English - 8/9/2007
-- Specter has new immigration package - 7/29/2007
-- Increase in Border agent assaults - 7/01/2007
-- Chertoff claims the federal government doesn't have the ability to enforce immigration laws -
      Time to fire Chertoff - 7/01/2007
Page 29

- Hispanic leader is disgusted by political pandering - 5/24/2007
Page 30

- Previous News Archives about the Border
Page 27 (5/20/2007)

- Border Patrol conflict widens
- Some components of the new immigration bill will benefit the IRS and
  other government agencies by tracking all sources of wages and
  compensation by workers, even those who are American citizens.
Page 28

- Immigration Bill is Amnesty (5/24/2007)
-The "new" Immigration bill is discussed by Heritage Foundation Analyst.
- National Suicide (6/5/2007)
- Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC Press Release
Page 25  (2/24/2007)

- Audit shows some immigrants re-arrested 6 times on average
- Illegal aliens threaten U.S. medical system
- Rare Brain Worms is Latest Border Disease
- The coming amnesty disaster
- Illegal kills grandmother
Page 26

- $2.2 trillion illegal alien taxpayer sticker shock
- Illegal Activists Plan May Day Boycott (3/16/2007)
- Announcement from the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (3/04/07)
- Democrat Congress Committed to Killing US Border Fence
- Congress Building Smoke Screen - but No Fence (1/25/2007)
Page 23  (12/15/2006)

- DMV worker pleads guilty in illegal scam
- Border Fence Plan to Get Critical Look in Next Congress - This means
  they will stop it from being, we all knew this would happen, last years lies
  didn't fool anyone, another reason many Republican are looking for a new
  home.  (12/15/2006)
- U.S. Sues NYC Suburb - Our government is helping destroy us.  No one
  should be a manager in government unless they have first served a year in
  truly poor countries.  Decisions made from personal knowledge are
  priceless.  Decisions made from ignorance are disastrous.   (12/15/2006)
Page 24  (2/12/2007)

- Is this the future of America: If you don't pay attention it will be
Page 21

- Mexican President Cheers Democrats and Amnesty
Page 22

-- You Don't Speak for Me,' Legal Hispanic Immigrants Shout - (7/20/2006)
-- 45,000 terror-threat illegals released into U.S. population - (11/29/2006)
-- Protesters stormed stage during Gilchrist speech - (11/30/2006)
Page 19

- "Elitism" Threatens Immigration Reform (9/20/2006)
- How open borders turn Americans into road kill (8/25/2006)
- Southern Border Sheriffs Outgunned by Drug Cartels (8/25/2006)
- Tancredo confronts 'super-state' effort (6/28/2006)

Page 20

- Pledge to Mexican flag featured at Texas school 9/22/2006
- Hospitals: Aid to offset costs of immigrants is necessary
- Lawmakers Pass Separate Bill to Kill Border Fence Construction; Funding
  Sent Elsewhere! They do not think you will notice or care about their
  trickery!!! (10/10/2006)

Page 17

- A Response to Alan Reynolds on Immigration Numbers - June 5, 2006
- Guard Will Meet Deadline - July 15, 2006
- Minutemen Reduce Flow Of Illegal Drug - July 24, 2006
- Senate Bill Disarms Law Enforcement - May 24, 2006
- Illegals From Terror-Sponsoring Nations At Large in US
Page 18

- The most egregious bull s--- yet
- House Panel: Senate Bill Would 'Cede Control' of Border
- Guard Member Dies During Hot Border Duty
- Business owners sue firms accused of hiring illegal aliens
- New outlaws plague Arizona desert refuges
- Owens to testify on costs of illegal immigration
Page 15

- EcoDisaster on our southern border
Page 16

- NYC Mayor Called 'Blooming Idiot' for Supporting Illegal Aliens
- Government Action related to Illegal immigration
- How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings
- 43 leaders oppose amnesty candidates
Reserved Page 14

- U.S. Officials Fear Spike in Illegals Entering in Cars - Better recon of the
  border is working
- U.S. Population to Hit 300 Million in 200
Page 11

- 3 illegals beat pregnant woman
- Illegal alien accused of triple homicide
- Illegal alien wanted for hunter murder
- Illegal, 17, runs down hero cop
- Murder suspect an illegal with driver's license
Page 12

- Angry Author of the 1986 Amnesty
- A Letter from Cliff Stearns - About new border laws
- A letter to Senator Mel Martinez
- And Mel's Answer
- An answer from Senator Frist in reply to border question
Page 9

- Latinos to hold congress in L.A.
- Feds arrest 2,100
- Minuteman founder denies support of bill - Congressman claimed backing
  of immigration compromise
- Ex-California governor says GOP timid on immigration
- Bush snubbed us
Page 10

- Cop killer an illegal immigrant
- 'Cop-killer' illegal snagged in Mexico
- Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized
- Illegal-alien offenders Flout U.S. justice system
- Killing principal
- West faces another 'barbarian invasion' (6/13/2006)
Page 7

- One million sex crimes by illegals
- Senate Bill Would Add 20 Million Legal Immigrants
Page 8

- When Bush said illegals would be detained - he lied
- Reporter assaulted at 'racist' public school
Page 5

- Letter from Chris Simcox: Received May 19, 2006
- Pre Written Letter to your Senator - No amnesty for illegals
Page 6

- Invasion USA Former Reagan official Ed Meese says bill largely the same
  as path-to-citizenship offered in 1986.  Since then illegals have doubled.
- Bush, Congress tell working folks to go to hell
- To provide for comprehensive immigration reform How Your Senator Voted
Page 3

- Bush's Mexican hat dance
- Oaths of Office: President Representatives Senators Enlisted Military
- Untying the immigration knot
Page 4

- Mexican American War
- Mexico Bars legal citizen Non-Natives from Jobs
- Minutemen seek support in Clay area
- Zimmermann Telegram
Page 1

- A hypothetical new border security force:  The entire southern border
  could be closed with 10,000 border agents.
Page 2

- An answer to George Espada
- A Sheriff with backbone - Maricopa County Arizona
- Local NE FL Minutemen Rally
- Minutemen are the only support our Border Security patrols get - While the
  President and Congress, sworn to uphold the Constitution does nothing.
- Senator Labels Colleagues Ignorant on Immigration
- Use this pre-written letter to your Senator if you wish - Tell them to pass the
  House version to secure the borders now.
- Is CDC covering up skyrocketing TB rate? (3/19/2005)
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