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 Roy's Annual Report to Members

Last Year We Hit Home Runs!   Even Greater Things Coming 2008!


I hope you are inspired by reading here the entire list of victories you and we achieved in 2007 in killing a string of amnesties for illegal aliens and in starting to build a firm foundation for actual reductions in overall immigration.

Frankly, I hope that after reading about what your money has done in the past, you will make your first donation of 2008 to ensure that our side of the immigration issue can have an even better record of achievement this year.

First, let me tell you how you have helped build a stronger and more formidable institution to fight the massive forces trying to flood our occupations and communities with foreign workers and dependents.

We added more than a quarter-million activist members in 2007, growing from 240,952 members to 539,286.

Many of our allies in Congress have made it clear to us that the only way we can beat back the lobbying money and the elitist biases which propel the open-borders agenda in Washington is to create a large enough mobilization of actual citizens.

Your donations have made it possible to reach out to millions of Americans this year, resulting in another quarter-million (and you may be one of them) joining the activist network.

Our staff has more than doubled since summer of 2006, to more than 25 employees (plus several contract professionals).

They consist of computer programmers, engineers, legislative analysts, researchers, lobbyists, media spokespersons, writers and personnel who directly serve you and your requests.

This is what makes NumbersUSA different from most other organizations that are fighting amnesty and over-immigration. Many groups are internet or mail operations, most of whom play important roles in public education and rallying the troops, but which have little or no staff. But a movement needs a few organizations that have true institutional strength.

I’m so glad we aren’t still fighting with just 12 staff members. We need every last one of our 25 staff to go up against the huge staffs of our opponents at the National Council of La Raza, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Washington lobbyists of most of the religious bodies to which you and I belong, the ACLU, the national associations of restaurants, hotels and resorts, most of the national labor unions, the national staffs of both the Democratic and Republican Parties, and many more!

We doubled the size of our Capitol Hill lobbying team.

It is essential to our collective success that, just when your phone calls and faxes are driving a congressional office crazy, we have one of our people in that office in person to help explain what it is that office needs to do to calm the restless citizenry. It is also essential that we have people constantly in and out of the congressional offices so we can tell you what those offices most need to hear from citizens at any given moment.

We increased our website Help Desk Team from two to five and now cover your emailed inquiries from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every weekday and for five hours on each day of the weekend.

The skyrocketing volume of users of our website trapped us in very poor membership services, often leaving people waiting days for a response to their questions. But around Thanksgiving, your donations made it possible for us to expand the Help Desk Team which responds to virtually all log-in and similar website problem within 15 minutes (during work hours). And we have recently been answering nearly all the rest of your emails within 24 hours.

NumbersUSA processed nearly 8 million faxes in 2007 from citizens communicating with their Members of Congress and the Administration!

Needless to say, this kind of growth has put our technical resources under enormous strain. Somehow, we made it almost to the end of the year without a loss of performance. But our Tech Team is scrambling right now to increase our capacity to guarantee immediate on-line activism for our current expanded membership and also for all the growth we hope will happen in 2008.

Here is a quick run through of our successes in 2007:


When the new Congress was sworn in back in January of 2007, NumbersUSA was told a Senate “comprehensive immigration” bill would be introduced in February and would pass quickly just like last year. Although generally called an amnesty for illegal aliens, this bill was just as much about dramatically increasing the legal immigration numbers, threatening to force tens of millions of additional population growth by mid-century.

Nearly every opponent of amnesty on Capitol Hill had assumed that the Senate would pass an amnesty again after a tough fight, and that we would ultimately have to stop it in the House of Representatives. Stopping it in the Senate was seen as requiring something of a political miracle, given the forces working against us.

For at least five months, most newspaper editorial boards, the majority of columnists and news stories and pronouncements from the other elite institutions of America (business, academe, national political parties, organized labor, ethnic and rights groups) claimed that a 'comprehensive immigration bill' would inevitably pass the Senate this year. Yet …

(a) The Senate defeated a Comprehensive Amnesty and Green Card Increase in May.

(b) It defeated it again in June.

(c) The Senate defeated a much smaller DREAM Act amnesty – thought to be irresistible because it involved children – in October.

(d) And the Senate was frightened away from even bringing up the medium-sized AgJOBS amnesty in November despite gigantic efforts by the news media and business;

(e) The new Democratic leadership of the U.S. House – despite sworn fealty to legalizing 12-20 million illegal aliens – did not even try to move a bill through a subcommittee, let alone bring anything to the floor.

From the first day of the year to the last, the NumbersUSA educated the public, the media, academe, congressional staff and Members of Congress about the myriad costs of increasing immigration. We worked with at least five coalitions of organizations to battle the amnesties.


NumbersUSA was actively involved from the first week of the year in educating the staffers and Presidential candidates themselves. We did some of this on our own, and some of it in a broader coalition of groups.

We made ourselves available to all campaigns of both Parties. Seven of the campaigns took us up on our offer. We had regular phone and email contact, answering questions and providing information, sometimes several times a day toward the end of the year. Although none of the campaigns seemed to totally incorporate what we thought we were teaching, immigration became one of the major issues in the GOP contest for the first time ever.

All candidates of both Parties embraced in some way our suggestions for removing the job magnet for illegal immigration. Most Republicans clearly rejected amnesty. And amazingly by year’s end, five of the Republicans had embraced the need to reduce chain migration, the cornerstone of reducing legal immigration.

We are not aware of any initiative of this kind ever having been attempted, let alone succeeding, in any previous Presidential campaign. We have met with some candidates themselves, and staff at the highest levels of all the campaigns that accepted our offer of education. NumbersUSA never endorses candidates. Our goal has always been to move every candidate as far in our direction as possible.


Our staff spent considerable time working with Rep. Gingrey (R-Ga.) and his staff on the problems of the chain migration categories and then answered his call for assistance in reviewing his legislation, the Nuclear Family Priority Act (H.R. 938). This bill would effectively end the system of chain migration. It would implement the Jordan Commission recommendations by limiting family-sponsored immigration almost entirely to spouses and minor children.

NumbersUSA has always considered the elimination of chain migration categories to be the most important single action to reduce overall immigration. We used our website, our members and our staff to educate about this bill throughout the year and gained 32 signers. Most of our progress came before the amnesty battles that dominated everybody’s attention from May to December.

We were also pleased to help Rep. Goodlatte (R-Va.) to educate our members and congressional staffers about his H.R. 1430, the bipartisan Security and Fairness Enhancement for America (SAFE) Act of 2007. This act would reduce legal immigration by eliminating the visa lottery which raffles off around 50,000 green cards a year. This bill has 58 signers, perhaps the highest number of co-sponsors on a bill to reduce legal numbers since the 1990s.


With the Democrats taking control of both chambers the first of 2007, it was imperative and urgent to greatly widen the relationships our movement had among congressional Democrats.

NumbersUSA set about offering crash courses for dozens of Democrats who reached out to us because they had just been elected over Republican incumbents and knew that their constituents wanted more controls on immigration. Surely the most dramatic sign of this effort was in the work of Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) to introduce the first major Democratic enforcement bill in more than a decade.

Because of our months-long educational efforts in scores of Democratic offices, Shuler found a lot of fellow Democrats ready to co-sponsor his bill, soon gaining almost five dozen—in addition to more than 80 Republicans, most of whom already were in relationship with us.

As I write this, more than 130 Members of the House have signed this bill! And two identical bills were introduced in the Senate by Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) respectively.

As we begin our 12th year of operation, we are proud and honored to have had your financial support to build this collective enterprise for sensible and sane immigration policies.

Remember, if you are ill, unemployed, or living on a small fixed income, please do not contribute.   We only ask for help from those able to help.



P.S. We've just now sent this first fundraiser of the year. For us to make our minimum 1% monthly goal, it would be a huge help if you could give today!
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