Minutemen of Clay County Florida
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 Another armed incursion on U.S.-Mexico border (2/2/2006)
Armed standoff on Rio Grande (11/20/2005)
Border Patrol agents shot in Laredo (4/30/2003)
Border Patrol warned: Brace for violence (1/20/2006)
Border sheriff warns: We're overwhelmed (11/12/2005)
Feds to border agents: Assassins targeting you (1/10/2006)
Gang expert backs Tancredo charge (6/27/2006)
'It's war' along Mexican border (6/4/2005)
It's war between cops in Mexico (6/12/2005)
Mexican commandos new threat on border (5/27/2005)
Mexican drug commandos seek control of border (5/31/2005)
Mexican drug commandos expand ops in 6 U.S. states (6/21/2005)
Mexican military incursions - Downplayed by Chertoff (4/20/2006)
Mexicans shoot at Border Patrol (11/01/2000)
National Guard units to be armed, close to the border (5/27/2006)
No militarization of U.S.-Mex border (5/15/2006)
Tancredo confronts 'superstate' effort
The threat from Mexico (6/6/2005)