Minutemen of Clay County Florida, Page 24

- Is this the future of America - If you don't pay attention it will be

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2/12/2007 - Projected Non-English speaking illegal migrant population comming soon to a place near you.

Our stupid damn Government is encouraging the illegals.  I doubt the US will exist as I knew it very much longer - There are just to many stupid people in power positions to stop this idiocy, but still - we have to try -
Join the fight at  http://usenglish.org/inc/

28 States have passed English as the official language - This will work if the anti-American courts stay out of it.

This is truly original.  I would like to credit the originator, if someone knows who that is.  I added the Hidalgo statue and changed the sign from Mexamerica to Amerimex.  Great sign on the left too.
Hidalgo (a priest) is to Mexico as Lincoln is to America.

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