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Letter from Chris Simcox: Received May 19, 2006
Pre Written Letter to your Senator - No amnesty for illegals

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 Chris Simcox  [Received this mailing May 19, 2006]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

What Al Qaida already knows .  .  . is that the easiest way to enter America is by simply walking across the border. . .

What President Bush forgot  .  .  . when he decided to be nice to Mexico, was that if we don't control the borders, we never solve the problem of "undocumented workers" because we get thousands more every day . . .

And, what LIBERAL POLITICIAN have decided  .  .  .is that illegal aliens ARE the "wave of the future, " so you better make friends with them!  (Like when Mexican President Fox -made some blatantly racist remarks, Jesse Jackson raced to Fox's side to campaign AGAINST controlling our border!)

Dear Patriotic American,

Please give me a few minutes to share some alarming facts with you.  Because you may not have the privilege of living, as I have, in Tombstone, Arizona. Yes, that's right, Wyatt Earp's hometown -- in the wide open West, where American citizens have always had to make their stand to defend law and order.

Then, after you've read what I've had to say, it is essential you return the enclosed survey letting me and Congress know that you agree the Minutemen are doing the right thing!

My name is Chris Simcox.  I publish the local paper here in Tombstone. With some great Americans like Jim Gilchrist, I've organized the "Minutemen."  You know,  the ones President Bush sadly called "vigilantes. "  I like to think somebody gave him a lot of bum information about us.  I hope so, anyway.

But I can't give the same benefit of the doubt to the many big city newspapers who rip us to shreds. Man, you'd think we were criminals, instead of law-abiding citizens!

Yet all we are doing is a "Neighborhood Watch" -- but on a bigger scale.  We carry no rifles or automatic weapons (which frankly, puts us at great risk, as I'll explain later).  In Arizona and along our borders, we haven't harmed anybody.  All we've done is report people we see sneaking into our country to the U.S. Border Patrol.

The mission of the volunteer Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, headquartered in Arizona, is to WATCH, REPORT suspicious illegal activities to proper authorities, and DETER by legal means, illegal aliens, drug traffickers and terrorists from entering the United States -- by our physical presence along our immediate U.S. borders.

Any other "story"

of what we're about is pure moonshine

Last April, our Area of Operations was the American border territory immediately adjacent to the U.S. border fence with Mexico, within Cochise County, Arizona. Yet this "local" focus has had a huge national effect! Because Minuteman volunteers have created a model that can be used by any group of concerned, responsible citizens anywhere on our borders!

You may have read that people seeking to enter illegally simply "went around" where the Minutemen were watching. I'm sure some did. But in that first April some 60,000 MONTHLY crossings typically recorded DID NOT HAPPEN in our sector, and Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers have recorded thousands of peaceful, non-violent detainment assists with Border Patrol and Customs agents of people illegally crossing our border with Mexico since November of 2002.

In addition (and I'm SURE you've never read this in the mainstream media!) since June 1, 2003, Minuteman volunteers have made more than 240 rescues of men, women and children lost or abandoned by traffickers. We provided life-saving water, first aid, blankets and food while waiting for Border Patrol agents to arrive on the scene and deport groups of illegal arrivals.

Let me repeat --the results for just this first April's effort, alone, are impressive. Numbers released by the Border Patrol, when compared to the previous April's figures, show that the Minutemen's initial presence appears to have prevented some 60,000 potential illegal aliens from crossing where they normally would, along the Naco corridor. Illegal alien crossings as well as drug, arms and sex-trade smuggling were essentially STOPPED along the Cochise County line during that first month.

And that was only the beginning.  Because our efforts have galvanized a national movement that THIS APRIL has provided over 7,000 volunteers to man borders in several states --on both the Mexican AND Canadian borders -24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You can keep up with the rapidly growing developments in the "Minuteman" movement at our website: www.MinutemanHQ.com. YES, we're glad when we can control sections of the border.  But what's even better is drawing national attention to the problem, and inspiring other Americans to act!

The point of everything we do is simple: securing our borders is a basic task of government that it ignores at the peril of its citizens! WE MUST ACT until our government acts to secure our borders.

Because, you see, OUR NATIONAL SECURITY IS EMPERILED. AND EVERY DAY THOSE OF US WHO LIVE NEAR THE BORDER ARE AT RISK OF PHYSICAL ASSAULT AND DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY FROM ILLEGAL BORDER-CROSSERS. Moreover, the illegal immigrants themselves are at risk -- at the hands of vicious syndicated crime cartels.


Dr. Carol Hand was part of the original Minuteman musters.  She and Ed Kolb, an Arizona resident, took a walk and found a "rape tree, " with panties hung up in the tree.

"After the coyotes ('human traffickers' paid to transport people illicitly over the border) get the women across the
border, safely on u.s. soil, they gang rape them to show they have total control over them. They hang their panties in the trees as signs of the conquest.  I couldn't leave them there. As a woman, I had to take them down. "

I have pictures of just such a tree.

If the women are young and pretty, they are kept in houses of prostitution where they have to have their families buy them out or work their way out.  Of course, none will testify to this because the coyotes know where they are from and can seek revenge on their families in Mexico.

But I’m happy to report that during the time our volunteers watch the border, such horrible crimes are prevented in our sector by the simple expedient of watching who crosses into America and having them apprehended by authorities.


You know, Mexico is not --or shouldn't be --so poor a country. It has natural resources, including great oil reserves. But this wealth is reserved for a European-descended elite, while descendents of the Mayan Indians are sent north as wage slaves.

Tragically, it is no exaggeration to say that the Mexican government is engaging in a slave trade of sending its poor to the USA where they are exploited to the fullest, often by their own countrymen. The Mexican government has even produced an official book telling its people HOW to illegally enter the U.S and become essentially indentured servants!

My friend, what's happening with the advice and support of both the Mexican and U.S. governments is FAR too reminiscent of the slave trade of the 1700s. As you know, Americans stopped exploiting slave labor with the Civil War, but now unchecked illegal immigration is re-introducing slavery in a new guise!



According to a U.S. Department of Justice "Intelligence Bulletin," American-trained rogue commandos now known as "Los Zetas" may be heading our way. This Bulletin says the "Zetas" are responsible for hundreds of drug-related murders. They've executed journalists and already murdered people in Dallas, McAllen, and Laredo, TX. They've begun shooting at U.S. Border Patrol agents!

At the Arizona border with Mexico agents are already seeing a major increase in violence. One agent commented: "Last year we had documented only nine shootings against our agents. This year we're up to about 18 shootings already. "

In March of 2002, U.S. Customs agents were involved in a shootout -- and not on the border, but south of Phoenix, in the center of our state -- with an enemy they had not seen before.

An enemy equipped with automatic weapons, body armor, and state-of-the-art communications, in a word -- it looked "military."


I don't think our President is thinking of the "Zetas" when he suggests we allow widespread amnesty for illegal aliens already in this country.  Because it does NOTHING to uphold the rule of law or protect our citizens if you declare "amnesty “ and you're not willing to stop the flood of NEW illegal migrants.


Illegal border-crossers often cut the throats of ranchers' family dogs, to keep the dogs from barking at them as they trespass the ranchers' property. At other times, they break windows to enter outbuildings or unoccupied dwellings.  Many ranchers have lost cattle to newly-arrived illegal aliens.

In fact, more than one rancher has come across illegal crossers gleefully barbecuing one of his steers they just  killed.  "The idea of private property is just totally foreign to these poor people," one rancher told me. "It's sad -- but what am I supposed to do? Where are the government protections for me and mine? I worked for and earned what I have here."

Well, while we Minutemen have watched, in our sector ranchers felt their families, pets and property were secure.  "Thank goodness for the Minutemen”, said seventy-eight year old grandmother Mary Rogers. "Since the Minutemen have been here, it has been absolutely peaceful every night."

Yet you know as well as I do, my friend, that if our government won't do its. and secure our borders, these kinds of assaults on our citizens' property and safety will continue.

BUT THERE'S EVEN SCARIER NEWS. beginning of the letter.  I alluded to it in the beginning of the letter.

"I found the knapsack hung up on the fence, " said Walter Kolbe.  "I didn't think much of it. I thought it had been left by an illegal that was scared away by the dog.  I threw it in the garbage. My wife later asked if I had looked to see what was in it and I told her I had not.  She looked in it and came back with a small notebook.  It had writing in three languages, English, Spanish and Arabic.  We called a reporter who came over, took pictures, and later wrote a story. We also called the FBI, who didn't seem to be very interested in it. Later, they got VERY interested in it and the notebook is now in Washington somewhere. It was an exhibit in a Congressional hearing."

So YES, my friend, some Arab-speaking aliens have definitely gotten into America illegally.  With THOUSANDS of  illegal migrants slipping through our sieve-like border every day, it doesn't take much imagination to realize we have NO idea how many Middle Eastern terrorists may have gotten into this country since 9-11.  There's simply no way to know -- we just know they're here!

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS that as long as the Minutemen are watching, it's doubtful any would-be terrorists will successfully cross our section of the border.

In other words, we Minutemen have shown that our borders CAN be protected – it just takes the will to do so.

Now since we're only volunteers,  it has been a challenge to sit there at the border as much as is needed.  But we continue to show that more eyes and ears make a difference.  We have proved that if the National Guards and state Militias started doing their desert training along our borders, for example, their mere presence would cause a big reduction in incursions.

We have showed that control of our borders is doable -- and that it's every American's business.

So I'm writing this letter to ask you to help the Minuteman Defense Corps meet this urgent need in 3 ways:

1) Send a gift of support so we can keep doing large-scale, high profile operations that demonstrate how our borders CAN be controlled, and keep organizing other like-minded civic groups.  We' re not afraid of being lied about in the mainstream media and called "vigilantes" when we know we can help law enforcement do their job without resorting to violence in any way.   Former Ambassador Alan Keyes believes our Minuteman border work is so essential and timely he has offered his superb organization, the Declaration Alliance, to become for now the "parent" organization to our Minutemen Civil Defense Corps Project, so we can continue organizing TODAY, while our own non-profit approvals work their way through the slow, slow federal bureaucracy!

We must reach millions of Americans right away with this project, which is of the utmost urgency. I've enclosed a brief note from Ambassador Keyes he wanted you to see!

Please take a "Minuteman minute" and fill out the enclosed survey. You see, there are a lot of Washington politicians who don't live in Tombstone, Arizona. They need to know that you and thousands upon thousands of voters like you share the sentiments of those of us who DO live on or near our fragile borders. Too many Washington politicians think uncontrolled, lawless immigration means NOTHING to voters in their district.  Please, help us change their minds! Fill in the enclosed survey and send it in!

LET US KNOW IF YOU'D LIKE TO REGISTER TO BE A "MINUTEMAN" ON THE BORDER LINE.  As long as the government refuses to protect our border, we must.  And you can! Join us at www.MinutemanHQ.com or call 520-829-3112 to register.  We are already working with new groups of Minutemen in New Mexico, Texas, Michigan -- and adding other border states.


Those who cross the border illegally face great danger.  In 2003, 19 migrants suffocated while being transported in a coyote truck in south Texas.  Many have died in the desert or drowned in the Rio Grande. 

Massive illegal immigration fills the pockets of callously unscrupulous, organized black-market criminal smugglers.

Undocumented and uncontrolled immigration means we have no way to weed out dangerous criminals or seditious elements.

Massive illegal immigration puts a strain on social services. And not just in border states! That's because the black-market smuggling racket swiftly transports illegal migrants to every corner of America.

In this age of international terrorism, we must make EVERY effort to keep out those whose malice toward our nation knows no bounds. Controlling our borders is Step #1 in truly ensuring our national security.

Frankly, national security is the Minutemen's greatest concerns.  You see, the way things are at present, all we can be sure of is that some Middle Eastern terrorists are entering America over our unsecured borders. And all the valiant efforts of law enforcement to find and arrest them are USELESS if more of them can enter America whenever they feel like it!

The simple truth is that THE ONLY WAY TO STOP "LEAKING" TERRORISTS INTO AMERICA IS TO CONTROL OUR BORDERS. As Ronald Reagan said when he attempted to reform our border security: "This country has lost control of its borders, and no country can sustain that kind of position." Yet the rate of illegal immigration is many times higher than when Reagan was President.


Basically, to guarantee national security and national sovereignty failure, don't change a thing! Let the borders go the way they are.  Within a generation the rising tide of illegal migration and its attendant criminal enterprises -- at the rate they are accelerating -- will overwhelm our national security, our social safety-net AND our law-enforcement systems!

And long before that, a gang of terrorists could sneak in, very easily, with a small atomic device --a "dirty nuke."  Or right now, any day, consider what it would be like for your hometown police to find themselves locked in mortal combat with the U.S.-trained commandos turned mercenaries -- the crime cartels' heavily-armed, combat-capable "Zetas. "

They're here, they'll keep coming, until we control our borders.

But the GOOD NEWS is that we at the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps have DEMONSTRATED success, RECRUITED others to follow our example, and CAPTURED the ear of key people in Washington.  You can help us drastically improve the border picture.  Here’s how: 

1) Support Minuteman Civil Defense with the best gift you can. Respond in every way you can when we get in touch with you.

2) Make sure your Congressman and Senators know how you really feel about the "illegal immigration invasion. " Fill out and send in the enclosed survey.  New laws are needed to close the foolish loopholes in our border control, and new political and spending priorities are needed so that the #1 national security threat -- our open borders -- is fixed!

3) Consider acting with others like we've done in southern Arizona.  And yes, we'll be glad to help you get started.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Now, please just take a Minuteman minute more and complete your survey and mail it in. It's part of the enclosed reply form.

Yours for a safe America,

[Signature of Chris Simcox]

Chris Simcox
MINUTEMAN Civil Defense Corps

P.S. In my mind, controlling our borders IS, and OUGHT TO BE, a bipartisan, non-political issue!  EVERY American, including every legal immigrant, is at risk from the massive social AND security problems spawned by a totally-out-of-control border.  The MINUTEMEN have made a beginning -- and this citizen movement is spreading!  It's not too late if we act, together, as lovers of liberty , as concerned Americans.

So please, use the enclosed reply form and send us the best gift you can today. We welcome small gifts, but if you can send at least $35, please do!   And if you're in position to send a

larger gift: $100,  $500, even $1000 or $5000, please, do so NOW.

The publicity generated by our first unit of Minutemen in Cochise County, Arizona, has birthed a national movement.  But to take advantage of this momentum -- and get control of our border -- we really, really need your help today. Thanks for loving America, and for joining us to protect and defend her.

MINUTEMAN Civil Defense PO Box 130707 Dept Code: MMHQO01 Houston, TX 77219-0707
A project of Declaration Alliance, an issues and public policy advocacy organization that aggressively defends America's Founding principles and institutions. Donations are NOT tax deductible for federal income tax purposes, but contributions made to MCDC ARE earmarked only for Minuteman Civil Defense Corps operations.

WWW .MinutemanHQ.com

  5/22/2006:  Use this pre-written letter to your Senator if you wish

[Your Address here]


[Insert Your Senator’s address here]

Dear Senator [Insert your Senator’s name here]:

No amnesty for illegals!

As your constituent, I'm writing to ask you to please oppose ANY “immigration bill" that includes ANY "guest worker" amnesty provisions, and to support the Sensenbrenner immigration bill that has already passed the House of Representatives.  Until the federal government is willing to enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books, Americans will be highly skeptical of any additional promises to enforce a new and deeply flawed approach.  If recent history is an accurate guide, this so-called guest worker notion would only encourage a new wave of illegal aliens and make America's uncontrolled and unacceptable immigration debacle even worse than it is now.

Such legislation is a bad idea not only because it creates a transparent path to amnesty, but also because it would reduce work opportunities, depress wages, and lower worker protection for Americans.  Further, it would be impossible to administer and even more unlikely to be enforced.  The most important job you have to do right now is to SECURE OUR BORDER against illegal immigration.  Like millions of Americans, I'm sick and tired of the "inside the beltway" politics on this issue; I will listen to NO MORE weasel words or slick excuses.

This issue is BLACK OR WHITE - there are NO "shades of gray”.  We need you to pass TRUE border security legislation, such as the Sensenbrenner bill already passed by the House.  Please, oppose ANY "immigration bill" that includes ANY "guest worker" amnesty provisions.  I will be watching your vote on this issue very closely.  Thank you.


[Type your name here]
[Include your phone number and e-mail address, it helps if they wish to contact you]

Don’t forget to sign it.


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