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Minutemen are the only support our Border Security patrols get  -  While the President and Congress, sworn to uphold the Constitution does nothing.
Senator Labels Colleagues Ignorant on Immigration
Use this pre-written letter to your Senator if you wish - Tell them to pass the House version to secure the borders now.

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A letter to:  George Espada, Up Front Productions, 1710 Wells Road #1211, Orange Park FL , 32073

Mr. Espada
a recent article reported you calling the Minutemen "racist".  If you think securing our borders from hordes of Mexican citizens illegally entering America, urged and helped by the Mexican government to do so, is about race then I have to believe that you are the racist

Don't you dare denigrate us and other American patriots with your foolish and obnoxious statements.  Millions of people come from other countries correctly, respecting our laws to become American.  They place loyalty to America above loyalty of the "old country", they are proud to be American.  I do not call myself British American, friends don't call themselves Irish American, or Polish American, or Chinese American, or name another country.  However, you have clearly placed your race before America, your statement strongly suggest you do not consider yourself an American.  This is a free country  Mr. Espada and you know where the border is!

I don't call an Englishman a Caucasian, and I don't call a Mexican a Hispanic.  These illegals enter our home like a burglar in the night.  Illegal entry into our home IS ILLEGAL. 

You remind me of the child that ask "why was it called an ice age" well, maybe because of all the ice.

Most illegals are Mexican citizens, that's why they are called Mexicans.  They are the main problem and get the attention because Mexicans are illegally in this country by the millions.  What is worse, the Mexican government is encouraging, even supporting their exit from Mexico to break into our homes, and our government is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Until you understand this, you sir, are the racist!  Every American should be offended by your remarks.

 Local minutemen Rally - 05/1/2006

Fellow Americans:

A dedicated group of patriotic Jacksonville locals held signs and passed out flyers outside of City Hall in downtown Jacksonville on Monday May 1st to counter-protest "A Day without Immigrants" activities sponsored by pro- amnesty groups.  We were a loose coalition of several groups (Minuteman, Flimen, and FAIR,) as well as "unaffiliated" individuals who had heard about the protest and wanted to participate.  Our goal was to show our support for border security and to speak out against the illegal alien invasion that is occurring in our country.

We met about 11 a.m.

The first patriot to arrive went into City Hall and distributed flyers to the Council members and Mayor.  As more of us arrived on the scene, we began our rally in earnest.  We held posters stating, "Secure our Borders", "Illegal aliens ARE criminals", and "No amnesty for illegal aliens", "Legal", and "Preserve What Our Veterans fought for, Protect America from illegal immigration".  We were a diverse group; we even had two Americans of Hispanic descent standing with us.  This fact illustrates that, contrary to what is often portrayed in the popular press, not all legal Hispanics in our country favor open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens!

As we stood on the street corner, many pedestrians passing by took flyers and expressed interest and support, and many cars honked and gave us the "thumbs up" gesture.  The response to our demonstration was overwhelmingly positive.

The Florida Times Union had a photographer and reporter on the scene, and they ran the article in the May 2nd paper.  In addition, a public radio reporter came and interviewed us, and ran at least four radio segments on the air that night and the next morning.

A few people spoke on the David Allen show later on in the day, giving accounts of the day’s demonstrations.  David regretted that he was not able to join us due to a prior commitment.  (Lunch with Mayor Peyton!)  David hosts the David Allen show on Patriot Radio AM 1320.

The demonstration gave all of us participants a good feeling, a reassurance that we are not standing alone in this endeavor, and an understanding that we can count on each other for continued support as we struggle to preserve our America.

We encourage you all to be vocal in your response against lack of border security and the alien invasion happening in our nation right now.  If you have an opinion, but fail to share it with your elected official, it is as good as having supported the other side.  PLEASE call your officials, today, tomorrow and every day until we have a truly secure border and the threat of amnesty for illegal invaders is quelled.

Most government officials phone numbers and addresses can be found near the front of your phone book, otherwise in the “blue pages” of your phone book.

 Minuteman are the only support our Border Security patrols get - 05/07/2006:
The US Army patrolled the East/West German border in Germany for the better part of 50 years, probably a trillion dollars was spent doing so.  Yet the Minuteman Civil defense Corps is the only support our Border Security patrols get.  It is a great SHAME that no president since Teddy Roosevelt has done anything to secure our own borders from vast numbers of illegal aliens that daily invade our homeland. 

A President need only sign a Presidential Order to place our military on the border, yet he will not do so.  The police will not arrest them, why bother when the INS refuses to detain and deport them.

Business owners love them because they pay illegals half a wage or less, they give them no health care, they pay no social security and no workers comp for them.  The illegals send billions of dollars to Mexico every year to prop up the sorry state of political corruption in Mexico.  At the same time we spend billions educating their children, who never graduate anyway.  We spend billion for medical care for them.  They come here from sorry circumstances in their homelands, yet they bring the same culture they are running from with them, and implement it wherever they land. 

Every Child born of them is an automatic American citizen, thereby locking the mother into the US. 

It's past time to replace our lazy, inept, and incompetent politicians.  Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson insist on giving amnesty to the millions that are here now.  Reagan gave amnesty to about 3 million illegals aliens, and now we are faced with 12 to 20 million.  If these are given amnesty, in twenty years 60 million more will change the face of America forever. 

It is a wonder that this Republic has lasted as long as it has, but given the forces that wish our demise it will not be long before the corruption from the south worms its way into the halls of congress - presuming it has not already done so.

 Maricopa County Arizona

Ariz. Posse to Round Up Illegal Immigrants

Associated Press Writer
May 10, 8:01 AM EDT

GILA BEND, Ariz. (AP) -- Four Mexican men [illegals] sit in the dirt with their wrists bound, shoulders hunched and eyes lowered to avoid the glare of the rising sun. 

The immigrants [illegals] had been on their way to build a dairy farm [4 guys are going to build a whole dairy farm - either this reporter has never seen a dairy farm, or deliberately want you to think they are indispensable] in this town about an hour southwest of Phoenix. But after a traffic stop for a faulty brake light, members of a sheriff's task force targeting human and drug smugglers found they were not U.S. citizens. Now they were bound for federal custody [who will probably turn them back on the street immediately].

Beginning Wednesday, more illegal immigrants coming through Maricopa County could meet the same fate as the sheriff's department beefs up its efforts to find illegal immigrants.

A 250-member posse that will operate similarly to the anti-smuggler task force will patrol the area for illegal immigrants who pay smugglers to cross through Arizona, the busiest illegal entry point along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border.

The posse will be made up of existing sheriff's deputies and members of the department's 3,000-member posse reserve of trained, unpaid volunteers.

The four illegal immigrants pulled over Monday will be turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and sent back to Mexico [yeah, sure]. But those that are captured by the posse may end up in jail, charged under a state law that has been used against more than 100 illegal immigrants [aliens] in Maricopa County this year.

The law made human smuggling a state crime in Arizona - it was already a federal crime - allowing local law enforcement agencies to arrest suspected smugglers. It was meant to crack down on smugglers, but under a disputed interpretation, County Attorney Andrew Thomas argues the law can be applied to the smuggled immigrants themselves.  Thomas maintains illegal immigrants who pay smugglers to enter the United States are committing conspiracy to smuggle and can therefore be prosecuted under the state law.  The sheriff's office began arresting illegal immigrants under that interpretation in March, and with the new posse, will continue doing so by patrolling desert areas and main roadways in the southwestern part of the county.

"I'm going to catch as many as I can and throw them in my jail," said Sheriff Joe Arpaio. "And the jails are not that nice."

It remains to be seen whether a judge will uphold the smuggling law as applicable to illegal immigrants. Lawyers for some arrested illegal immigrants have filed motions to have the charges dismissed.

A Los Angeles attorney brought into the case by the Mexican Consul General's Office in Phoenix filed another motion claiming Thomas and Arpaio are violating state and federal law and are using the conspiracy charges to control illegal immigration, which is the federal government's job

Arpaio said the motions don't worry him.  "I get sued when I go to the toilet. You think I'm worried about it?" he said. "If they think I'm going to slow down because of these threats, I've got news for them - I'm not going to slow down. I'll do more of it."

Alfredo Gutierrez, a Hispanic activist [an obvious racist and anti American] and former Democratic state senator, called Thomas' interpretation of the law and Arpaio's use of it "political pranks."

"Every act like this contributes to the angst and anger and desperation in our community," Gutierrez said [angst and anger is the least that illegals should have to worry about].

Elias Bermudez, president of the pro-immigrant group Inmigrantes Sin Fronteras, or Immigrants Without Borders, questions the legality of the immigration posse itself [if groups that send money and support to Al Qaeda can be prosecuted, why can't groups and people that support illegal Mexicans].  "It is racial profiling," he said. "They don't follow guys that are blond and blue-eyed." [Blond blue-eyed guys are not illegally entering America by the thousands].  Bermudez said Arpaio is "a good criminal sheriff, but he needs to go out there and find criminals. He wants to go after the poor, undocumented immigrant [illegal alien] who is hungry and thirsty in the desert. That is totally inhumane."

Hispanic American Coalition Tells Frist No to Amnesty

By Melanie Hunter  CNSNews.com Senior Editor  May 12, 2006  06:54 pm

(CNSNews.com) - A coalition of Hispanic Americans is teaming up with U.S. House leaders in sending a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) to express their opposition to legislation that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. The coalition, called You Don't Speak for Me!, was formed after the recent demonstrations by illegal aliens and their supporters who want the government to grant them amnesty. "When it comes to immigration policy, the United States Senate apparently doesn't speak for anyone, except the people who have broken our laws and cheap labor business interests," retired Col. Al Rodriguez said in a press release. "National polls - especially those done after the May 1 illegal alien protests and boycott - show that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the kind of amnesty being promoted by the Senate and the White House. That opposition includes millions of Americans who are of Hispanic heritage," said Rodriguez, whose coalition plans to hold a press conference on Tuesday at 2:30pm in the Cannon House Office Building.

 Senator Labels Colleagues Ignorant on Immigration
By Monisha Bansal
CNSNews.com Staff Writer
May 16, 2006

(CNSNews.com) - The U.S. Senate may be much more receptive to President Bush's "guest worker" program for illegal immigrants, but a member of the president's own party is warning that Congress is "blissfully ignorant" about the impact of such a program. 

Critics of the president's guest worker program, which is included in Senate immigration reform legislation, but not in the House version, call it amnesty for the estimated 10 to 12 million people who broke the law when they crossed the U.S. border.  Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) claims that the program, sponsored in the Senate by fellow Republicans Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Mel Martinez of Florida, would inflate the U.S. population by 20 to 60 percent over the next 20 years, depending on whether the caps on certain visas were kept in check over that time frame.  The current number of people leagally emigrating to the U.S. is about 1 million per year.

Sessions claims that the "guest worker" program would allow up to 217 million more people to flood the country by 2026. This number assumes that an average of 1.2 family members would join every immigrant worker.  Sessions told a Capitol Hill news conference Monday that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 is "one of the most important debates this country faces," but that "the Senate is not ready to pass legislation that will so drastically change our immigration policy."

Congress, he said, "is blissfully ignorant of the impact of the legislation it faces."  Sessions also criticized the use of the term "guest worker," which he said is a misnomer in this case. "They are not temporary or seasonal, but on their way to permanent residency and then citizenship," he said.  Robert Rector, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, joined Sessions at the news conference, complaining that "the impact of this increase in legal immigration dwarfs the magnitude of the amnesty provisions" for individuals already living illegally in the U.S.  "Little or no attention at all has been given to the fact that the bill would quintuple the rate of legal immigration into the United States,".  Rector added that providing government services such as welfare and Social Security for these new Americans would cost U.S. taxpayers $50 billion per year.

Saturday, March 19, 2005   -   1:00 a.m. Eastern


Is CDC covering up skyrocketing TB rate?
Insiders say center trying to 'cook the books,' 'spin the numbers'

To view this item online, visit http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=43384

Editor's note: Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin is an online, subscription intelligence news service from the creator of WorldNetDaily.com – a journalist who has been developing sources around the world for almost 30 years.

WASHINGTON – The Centers for Disease Control is trying to "cook the books" and "spin the numbers" in a new report that downplays the spread of tuberculosis in the U.S., insiders within the Atlanta-based U.S. agency tell the premium, online intelligence newsletter Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The CDC released a report today portraying a serious TB threat worldwide and a declining disease rate within the U.S. But the CDC, say insiders, is not coming clean on the increasing domestic threat, largely posed by dramatic population increases in recent years by illegal immigrants (alien).

More than one-third of the global population is infected with the tuberculosis bacterium, and TB disease remains one of the world's leading causes of disease and death, the CDC says. Each year, 8 million people become ill with TB, and 2 million people die from the disease.

In fact, next Thursday, March 24, is World TB Day, marking the date in 1882 that scientist Robert Koch announced his discovery of the TB bacterium. The World Health Organization now uses the annual day as an international call to action against the disease.

The CDC report emphasized the latest national surveillance data show a significant, but slowing, decline in the case rate of TB. In 2004, a total of 14,511 TB cases were reported in the U.S. The overall TB case rate – 4.9 per 100,000 persons – was the lowest rate ever recorded since reporting began in 1953. However, the decline in the case rate from 2003 to 2004 was one of the smallest in more than a decade (3.3 percent compared with an average of 6.8 percent per year), the CDC acknowledged.

The agency also said that "despite the nationwide downward trend, TB continues to exact a severe toll on many U.S. communities. Seven states now bear more than half the total burden of TB disease in the U.S. California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas account for 59.9 percent of the national case total. The toll continues to be greatest among minority and foreign-born individuals, who consistently have higher rates of TB disease.

But CDC sources say the report is a reflection of "political correctness" inside the agency – a political effort to whitewash what some health officials see as an alarming new threat of TB's spread largely by illegal foreign immigrants.

"When you acknowledge, as the CDC has, that one-third of the world's population is carrying this bacterium and you admit that we have some 20 million foreigners inside this country largely unaccounted for, you begin to understand the threat," said one G2 Bulletin source. "It's serious. And the facts are being withheld from the American people because of political correctness toward the question of illegal immigration."

The CDC does offer some interesting statistics in its report:

  • In 2004, minority populations had rates of TB significantly higher than the overall U.S. average. The 2004 TB case rate among Asians was 20 times higher than that among whites (26.9/100,000 and 1.3/100,000, respectively), while blacks (11.1/100,000) and Hispanics (10.1/100,000) each had rates eight times higher than whites.
  • In 2004, for the first time, there were more cases of TB among Hispanics than any other ethnic group. However, the TB rate among Hispanics decreased slightly from 10.3 in 2003 to 10.1 in 2004. This divergent trend was the result of a 3.6 percent increase in the U.S. Hispanic population between 2003 and 2004.
  • The TB rate among foreign-born individuals (22.5/100,000) was nearly nine times the rate among persons born in the United States (2.6/100,000). Individuals born outside the United States accounted for more than half (7,701 cases, or 53.7 percent) of all new TB cases in 2004.
  • While the TB rate among U.S-born persons has declined 64.6 percent over the past 12 years, the rate among foreign-born persons has declined only 33.9 percent.
  • Ninety-five percent of Asians reported to have TB in the U.S. in 2004 were foreign-born. Foreign-born individuals also accounted for the majority – 74 percent – of cases among Hispanics in the U.S. Globally, Asia accounts for the largest number of TB cases. The impact of TB on Mexico is also worrisome because many Hispanics diagnosed with TB in the U.S. were born in that country.

"Even though preventable and treatable, TB remains a serious airborne disease – one with the ability to adapt, grow stronger, and travel from one country to another as easily as people do," said the report. "The health threat must continue to be taken seriously, both here in the U.S. and abroad."

The CDC also acknowledged the border problems by suggesting the agency was attempting to address them by strengthening "global partnerships to address TB among populations hardest-hit by the disease."

"These efforts include improving overseas screening for immigrants and refugees, and testing recent arrivals from high-incidence countries for latent TB infection," the report said. "CDC is also improving the notification system that alerts local health departments about the arrival of immigrants who are known or believed to have TB, and collaborating with public health teams in Mexico to improve TB control among those who frequently cross the U.S.-Mexico border."

Last week, a report in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons blew the whistle on the way illegal immigration is threatening to destroy America's prized health-care system.

"The influx of illegal aliens has serious hidden medical consequences," writes Madeleine Pelner Cosman, author of the report. "We judge reality primarily by what we see. But what we do not see can be more dangerous, more expensive, and more deadly than what is seen."

According to her study, 84 California hospitals are closing their doors as a direct result of the rising number of illegal aliens and their non-reimbursed tax on the system.

In addition, the report says, "many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease."

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