Illegals Cost All Americans Billions
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Action Needed - If you can't Donate you can Write. 
Tell your Congressmen & the Whitehouse to close our borders NOW and stop supporting Illegals NOW.

 The Mexican Invasion
Winning without firing a shot

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Invasion USA 1 Proof the Mexican Government Encourages Illegals to Invade America.  Thousands of Mexicans entering the US illegally for jobs, is one thing, but these people are hauling their "tradition" with them - if their "tradition" was worth a damn why are they here?
Invasion USA 2  A "How To" Guide to break our laws and enter America, Published by the Mexican Government.
Invasion USA 3  The Mexican Government instructs illegal aliens.
Invasion USA 4  And the Mexican Government tells the illegals they have the same rights as US citizens.
Mexico Page 5 A multi drug-resistant tuberculosis is persistent among "foreign-born" population [read illegals] - 6/08/2005.
Is CDC covering up skyrocketing TB rate? - 3/19/2005.
Whooping cough outbreak linked to illegals - 6/12/2005. 
Mexico Page 6 Feds caving in to illegals - Congressman slams administration for guidelines on Mexican ID cards.
U.S. liable for border-crosser deaths - Families of 14 Mexican illegals seek $42 million.
Mexico Page 7 07/03/2007: Mexican Extremists Want to 'Reconquista' Southwest
03/14/2005: Racist UCSD director supports take over of US Southwest by Mexico.
02/07/2004: Reconquista' plan to take over US Southwest.
Mexico Page 8 Bribery at border worries officials - 7/14/2006
US and Mexico merger opposition intensifies - 7/09/2006
Tancredo confronts 'super-state' effort - 6/15/2006
Mexico Page 9 Mexican consulates help illegals to American healthcare - 5/31/2007
LaRaza  Page 1 Lawsuit Dismissed In LAPD Immigration Status Questions Case  -  6/28/2008
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