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Many of us have been there and done that  --  But lets not forget the young Troops that are doing it today.
-- World War II Statistics
-- War Dead - All Wars
-- Losses by President
-- Japanese were the most brutal
-- Who served in Vietnam
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 World War II Statistics



700,000 4,200,000
JAPAN 2,000,000 350,000 2,350,000
ROMANIA 300,000 160,000 460,000
HUNGARY 140,000 290,000 430,000
ITALY 330,000 80,000 410,000
AUSTRIA 230,000 104,000 334,000
FINLAND 82,000 2,000 84,000
TOTAL AXIS 6,582,000 1,686,000 8,268,000
SOVIET UNION 10,000,000 10,000,000 20,000,000
CHINA 2,500,000 7,500,000 10,000,000
POLAND 100,000 5,700,000 5,800,000
YUGOSLAVIA 300,000 1,400,000 1,700,000
FRANCE 250,000 350,000 600,000
CZECHOSLOVAKIA 200,000 215,000 415,000
UNITED STATES 400,000 400,000
NETHERLANDS 12,000 198,000 210,000
GREECE 20,000 140,000 160,000
BELGIUM 12,000 76,000 88,000
CANADA 37,000 37,000
INDIA 24,000 13,000 37,000
AUSTRALIA 23,000 12,000 35,000
ALBANIA 28,000 2,000 30,000
BULGARIA 10,000 10,000 20,000
NEW ZEALAND 10,000 2,000 12,000
NORWAY 6,400 3,900 10,300
ETHIOPIA 5,000 5,000
LUXEMBOURG 5,000 5,000
MALTA 2,000 2,000
DENMARK 400 1,000 1,400
BRAZIL 1,000 1,000
TOTAL ALLIED 14,276,800 25,686,900 39,963,700
TOTALS 20,858,800 27,372,900 48,231,700


B. Urlanis, Wars and Population, Soviet Union - the Far East;  The majority of Soviet Union civilian casualties were Ukrainian.

Gregory Frumkin, Population Changes in Europe Since 1939, European estimates

I.C.B. Dear, editor, The Oxford Companion to World War II, Commonwealth

Singer and Small, Wages of War, the Americas - Ethiopia

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 War Dead - All Wars (as of 1991) (Published 2006)

Years Location Killed Wounded
1775-1783 (1) Revolutionary War 25,324 8,445
1789 Indian Wars 6,125 2,156
1798-1800 Franco-American Naval War 20 42
1801-1815 Barbary Wars 35 64
1812-1815 War of 1812 2,260 4,505
1814 Marquesas Islands 4 1
1822-1825 West Indies 3 5
1832 Sumatra 2 11
1835-1836 Texas War Of Independence 704 138
1846-1848 Mexican War 13,283 32
1855 Fiji 1 2
1859-1860 Texas Border Cortina War 5 18
1861-1865 (2) Civil War, North 363,020 281,104
1861-1865 (2) Civil War, South 199,110 137,102
1853 Japan 5 6
1867 Formosa 1 0
1870 Mexico 1 4
1871 Korea 4 10
1898 Spanish American War 2,893 1,637
1899-1902 Philippines War 4,273 2,840
1899 Samoa 4 5
1900 China Boxer Rebellion 53 253
1902-1913 Moro Campaigns 130 300
1904 Dominican Republic 1 0
1911-1919 Mexico 19 69
1912 Nicaragua 5 16
1915-1920 Haiti 146 26
1916-1922 Dominican Republic 144 50
1917-1918 World War I 116,708 204,002
1918-1919 Russia North Expedition 246 307
1918-1920 Russia Siberia Expedition 170 52
1921-1941 China Yangtze Service 5 80
1927- 1932 Nicaragua 136 66
1941 North Atlantic Naval War 141 44
1941-1945 World War II 408,306 670,846
1945-1947 Italy Trieste 6 14
1945-1947 China Civil War 12 42
1950-1953 Korean War 54,246 103,284
1954 Matsu and Quemoy 3 0
1957-1975 Vietnam War 58,219 (4) 153,356
1958-1984 Lebanon 268 169
1962 Cuba 9 0
1964 Panama Canal Riots 4 85
1965-1966 Dominican Republic 59 174
1966-1969 South Korea 89 131
1967 Israel Attack/USS Liberty 34 171
1980 Iran 8 0
1980-1991 Terrorism 28 0
1983 Grenada 19 100
1983-1991 El Salvador 20 0
1984-1989 Honduras 1 28
1986 Libya 2 0
1987 (3) Persian Gulf 148 467
1989-1990 Panama 40 240
1990-1991 Persian Gulf 363 357


1,256,865 1,572,856
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 Losses by President

This entry was instigated by an e-mail going around that claimed to show more military died under clinton that in the gulf wars.

I'm the last person on earth that would defend clinton - but I have a real problem with e-mails with bad data.   No one has to stack numbers to know clinton was and still is a traitorous asshole, demonstrating against the US war in Vietnam while he had run to England, cowardly escaping the draft, and thus giving aid and comfort to the communist north.  By the communist Vietnamese own words war protest encouraged them to stay in the fight, killing many more US Troops in the process.  Today he is still costing the tax payers huge amounts, and as before doing nothing to earn it.   Don't forget that clinton bombed the Serbs in support of Muslims - among the most stupid things that has been done by any president ever, except for Carter whose idiocy is beyond words.

We know that clinton almost destroyed the military - but Bush has had 6 years to build it back up and as far as I know not one extra Trooper has been added to our overall force strength since he has been in office.

The data below is direct from DOD.  These data are thru 2006.   Losses are compared by military population. 
Ratio of troops Lost by population:  The smaller the number, the greater the loss.

Average Military population

Troops Lost
all causes

 Ratio of
Troops Lost

 Loss Per Year
in office

 % per population

Death from
Death from

Reagan (1981-1988)     cold war = 2,135,548


1 in 124


0.1007% per year

512 10652 2615 3422

Bush Sr (1989-1992)     Gulf war = 1,969,217


1 in 316


0.0790% per year

353 3487 1072 1311

Clinton (1993-2000) fly over war = 1,469,441


1 in 196


0.0638% per year

376 3953 1072 2099

Bush Jr. (2001-2006) Islamist war = 1,403,504


1 in 156


0.1068% per year

2603 3331 1423 1632

When ranking by number of losses:  Reagan has the highest losses, then Bush Jr., then Clinton, then Bush Sr.
When ranking by number of years in office:  Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton.
When ranking by percent of military population:  Bush Jr., Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton.

 What I find interesting is that for 5 years at war only 3331 have died by accident , the lowest of all accidental deaths.  Still I wonder how in hell we can be having that many accidents.

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 Japanese were the most brutal

In WWII the Japanese were the most brutal of armies - even outdoing the Russians in their cruelty. We did not attack Japan, Japan’s surprise attacked on us wiped out the US Fleet in Hawaii and killed over 2000 of our men there.

The Bataan death march murdered, and I emphasize murdered, more that 650 of our soldier POWs, by shooting, bayoneting, or beheaded. 12000-18000 Philippians are unaccounted for, of that number 5000 - 10000 Philippians are estimated to have died on the march. Then within 4 months of reaching camp O’Donnell 1500 more Americans died.  By July 1942, 25000 Philippians had died.  All of the deaths were the direct result of malnutrition on Bataan, disease, and the atrocities committed by the Japanese.  During the first nine months of Cabanatuan's existence, the vast majority of the camp's 3,000 American deaths occurred, most of these shipped in from the Bataan death march and camp O’Donnell.

The Japanese military murdered from nearly 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most probably 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese.

They used people as guinea pigs in medical experiments.

During the battle for Manila, when surrounded and having sworn to fight to the death, they took their frustration out on the civilian population, shooting, bayoneting, and slicing, according to war trials, they murdered an estimated 100,000 civilians.

Don’t forget China where their brutality and inhuman actions Killed 2.5 million military and murdered 7.5 million civilians.

Why have they not paid reparations for their atrocities as the Germans, who killed fewer people, are still doing. 

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 In the event you have busy getting along with your life these past few decades since you returned from Vietnam, the clock has been ticking. The following are some statistics of interest...

"Of the 2,709,918 Americans who served in Vietnam; less than 850,000 are estimated to be alive today, with the youngest American Vietnam veteran's age approximated to be 54 years old."

Only 1/3 of all the U.S. Vets who served in Vietnam are still alive. This is the kind of information we are used to reading about WWII and Korean War vets. So for the last 14 years we have been dying too fast and, perhaps, only a few will survive by 2015...if any. If this is true, 390 Vietnam Vets die every day, on average. So in 2190 days from today, you're lucky to be a living Vietnam Veteran.....

The following statistics were taken from a variety of sources, including The VFW Magazine, the Public Information Office, and the Forward Observer


* 9,087,000 military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam Era (August 5, 1964 - May 7, 1975).

* 8,744,000 GIs were on active duty during the war (Aug 5, 1964-March 28,1973).

* 2,709,918 Americans served in Vietnam, this number represents 9.7% of their generation.

* 3,403,100 (Including 514,300 offshore) personnel served in the broader Southeast Asia Theater (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, flight crews based in Thailand and sailors in adjacent South China Sea waters).

* 2,594,000 personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam (Jan. 1,1965 - March 28, 1973). Another 50,000 men served in Vietnam between 1960 and 1964.

* Of the 2.6 million, between 1- and 1.6 million (40-60%) either fought in combat, provided close support or were at least fairly regularly exposed to enemy attack.

* 7,484 women (6,250 or 83.5% were nurses) served in Vietnam .

* Peak troop strength in Vietnam : 543,482 (April 30, 1968).


The first man to die in Vietnam was James Davis, in 1958. He was with the 509th Radio Research Station. Davis Station in Saigon was named for him.

Hostile deaths: 47,378

Non-hostile deaths: 10,800

Total: 58,202 (Includes men formerly classified as MIA and Mayaguez casualties).
Men who have subsequently died of wounds account for the changing total.

8 nurses died -- 1 was KIA..

61% of the men killed were 21 or younger..

11,465 of those killed were younger than 20 years old.

Of those killed, 17,539 were married.

Average age of men killed: 23.1 years

Enlisted: 50,274 22.37 years

Officers: 6,598 28.43 years

Warrants: 1,276 24.73 years

E1: 525 20.34 years

11B MOS(Infantry) : 18,465 22.55 years

Five men killed in Vietnam were only 16 years old.

The oldest man killed was 62 years old.

Highest state death rate: West Virginia - 84.1% (national average 58.9% for every 100,000 males in 1970).

Wounded: 303,704 -- 153,329 hospitalized + 150,375 injured requiring no hospital care.

Severely disabled: 75,000, -- 23,214: 100% disabled; 5,283 lost limbs; 1,081 sustained multiple amputations.

Amputation or crippling wounds to the lower extremities were 300% higher than in WWII and 70% higher than Korea .

Multiple amputations occurred at the rate of 18.4% compared to 5.7% in WWII.

Missing in Action: 2,338

POWs: 766 (114 died in captivity)

As of January 15, 2004, there are 1,875 Americans still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.


25% (648,500) of total forces in country were draftees. (66% of U.S. armed forces members were drafted during WWII).

Draftees accounted for 30.4% (17,725) of combat deaths in Vietnam .

Reservists killed: 5,977

National Guard: 6,140 served: 101 died.

Total draftees (1965 - 73): 1,728,344.

Actually served in Vietnam : 38% Marine Corps Draft: 42,633.

Last man drafted: June 30, 1973.


88.4% of the men who actually served in Vietnam were Caucasian; 10.6% (275,000) were black; 1% belonged to other races.

86.3% of the men who died in Vietnam were Caucasian (includes Hispanics);

12.5% (7,241) were black; 1.2% belonged to other races.

170,000 Hispanics served in Vietnam ; 3,070 (5.2% of total) died there.

70% of enlisted men killed were of Northwest European descent.

86.8% of the men who were killed as a result of hostile action were caucasian; 12.1% (5,711) were black; 1.1% belonged to other races.

14.6% (1,530) of non-combat deaths were among blacks.

34% of blacks who enlisted volunteered for the combat arms.

Overall, blacks suffered 12.5% of the deaths in Vietnam at a time when the percentage of blacks of military age was 13.5% of the total population.

Religion of Dead: Protestant -- 64.4%; Catholic -- 28.9%; other/none -- 6.7% SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS:

Vietnam veterans have a lower unemployment rate than the same non-vet age groups.

Vietnam veterans' personal income exceeds that of our non-veteran age group by more than 18 percent.

76% of the men sent to Vietnam were from lower middle/working class backgrounds.

Three-fourths had family incomes above the poverty level; 50% were from middle income backgrounds.

Some 23% of Vietnam Vets had fathers with professional, managerial or technical occupations.

79% of the men who served in Vietnam had a high school education or better when they entered the military service. 63% of Korean War vets and only 45% of WWII vets had completed high school upon separation.

Deaths by region per 100,000 of population: South -- 31%, West --29.9%; Midwest -- 28.4%; Northeast -- 23.5%.


There is no difference in drug usage between Vietnam Veterans and non-Vietnam Veterans of the same age group. (Source: Veterans Administration Study)

Vietnam Veterans are less likely to be in prison - only one-half of one percent of Vietnam Veterans have been jailed for crimes.

85% of Vietnam Veterans made successful transitions to civilian life.


82% of veterans who saw heavy combat strongly believe the war was lost because of lack of political will.

Nearly 75% of the public agrees it was a failure of political will, not of arms.


97% of Vietnam-era veterans were honorably discharged.

91% of actual Vietnam War veterans and 90% of those who saw heavy combat are proud to have served their country.

74% say they would serve again, even knowing the outcome.

87% of the public now holds Vietnam veterans in high esteem...


1,713,823 of those who served in Vietnam were still alive as of August,1995 (census figures).

During that same Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country was: 9,492,958.

As of the current Census taken during August, 2000, the surviving U.S. Vietnam Veteran population estimate is: 1,002,511..losing nearly 711,000 between '95 and '00. That's 390 per day.

During this Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country is: 13,853,027. By this census, FOUR OUT OF FIVE WHO CLAIM TO BE Vietnam vets are not.

The Department of Defense Vietnam War Service Index officially provided by The War Library originally reported with errors that 2,709,918 U.S. military personnel as having served in-country. Corrections and confirmations to this erred index resulted in the addition of 358 U.S. military personnel confirmed to have served in Vietnam but not originally listed by the Department of Defense. (All names are currently on file and accessible 24/7/365).

Isolated atrocities committed by American Soldiers produced torrents of outrage from anti-war critics and the news media while Communist atrocities were so common that they received hardly any media mention at all. The United States sought to minimize and prevent attacks on civilians while North Vietnam made attacks on civilians a centerpiece of its strategy. Americans who deliberately killed civilians received prison sentences while Communists who did so received commendations.

From 1957 to 1973, the National Liberation Front assassinated 36,725 Vietnamese and abducted another 58,499. The death squads focused on leaders at the village level and on anyone who improved the lives of the peasants such as medical personnel, social workers, and school teachers. -
Nixon Presidential Papers.

For the first 15 years of its existence, members of the 45th Infantry Division proudly wore on their left shoulders an ancient American Indian symbol of good luck, most commonly referred to as the swastika.   

The insignia served as recognition of the great number of Native Americans proudly serving in the 45th Infantry Division. The yellow swastika on a square background of red symbolized the Spanish Heritage of the 4 Southwestern states that made up the membership of the 45th—Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona.

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A similar symbol was adopted by the Nazi party in the late 1920’s, and when the N.S.D.A.P. rose to power in 1933 the symbol became so closely associated with fascist socialism that it had to be abandoned as the insignia of the 45th Infantry Division.

After a period of time the 45th had no Symbol.  Then in 1939 the Thunderbird design was officially approved by the War Department. 

The approving document stated the Thunderbird was a Native American symbol signifying "Sacred bearer of happiness".

If you see a provable error in these numbers let me know