La Raza Table of Content
Hatred of America  -  Why are they here?
La Raza Stands By Reconquista
Page 3
-- Cable news blamed for rise in Latino 'hate crimes'
-- Mexican cartels plague Atlanta
-- Poll: Mexicans say Mexican-Americans Owe Loyalty to Mexico Over U.S.
-- DEA: No Comment on Drug Cartel Obtaining Intelligence Reports That DEA Provided to High-Level Mexican Authorities
-- More Civilians Killed Last Year in One Mexican Border Town Than All Afghanistan
-- Report: DEA Launches Nationwide Attack on Mexican-Linked Cartels in U.S.
-- Texas Republican: Put Mexican Drug Cartels on State Deptís List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Page 2
-- English eviction ends with rescue
-- Aye Carumba! Spanish ads on U.S. English TV stations
-- Judge Tells Illegal Alien He is "Unwelcome Undesirable"
-- Hundreds of safety violations documented for Mexican rigs
-- Mexican truck drivers take English exam in Spanish
-- Bilingual, pro-American book 'unfit' for L.A. schools
-- Lawsuit Dismissed In LAPD Immigration Status Questions Case

Page 1
-- U.S. liable for border-crosser deaths?
-- Feds caving in to illegals?
-- Student group stands by 'Reconquista' plan
-- Tancredo Blasts Mexican Candidate's Remarks
-- Hispanic group boycotts Disney as ' white supremacists'
-- Prostitution ring run by illegals, for illegals
-- Mexico urges Bush to veto U.S. border fence bill
-- It's official: Mexican trucks coming
-- City sued for preventing Mexican flag-burning

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