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-- A woman named Rehana - posted 10/18/14
-- Brave Yazidi female battalion intends to wipe out the Islamic State - 7/13/16  (Note that obama does nothing to help these people, not even weapons)

 A woman named Rehana - has become a hero across the internet as news spread that the Kobani soldier has reportedly killed more than 100 Islamic State terrorists single-handedly.

Rehana became famous in Kurdish Twitter circles after a photo of her giving a peace sign began to circulate on the social network.

According to the International Business Times, Rehana is a YPJ (Kurdish female Peshmerga) soldier under the command of famed female soldier Mayssa Abdo, who herself has become famous for running the operation to keep the Syrian border town of Kobani out of the hands of the Islamic State. 

Shortly after this photo of Rehana began to circulate, rumors followed that she had been killed in battle, none of which have been confirmed independently by news sources.

Rehana is one of many Female Kurdish soldiers who have become the front lines in the battle against the Islamic State.  Islamic State jihadist believe that their martyrdom will not result in the promised gifts of the afterlife should they die at the hands of a woman, making the YPJ particularly indispensable against this enemy.  YPJ units fight in both Syria and Iraq, and regularly post to social media to report on their successes in battle. 
It is estimated that up to 10,000 women fight in the Peshmerga forces, though estimates vary.  In an interview with BBC, Col. Nahida Ahmed described their daily training as intensive and noted that many had battle experience even before organizing against the Islamic State in recent months.

The fight to keep Kobani, a border town that would allow for almost complete border access between Syria and Turkey, out of the hands of the Islamic State, has been arduous and bloody. 

Witnesses that have escaped the town recall streets lined with severed heads and Islamic State terrorists gouging the eyes out of Kurdish civilians.  Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan repeatedly claimed that air strikes by the United States and allies would not be enough to save the city, though without offering any help to those on the ground (instead bombing targets essential to the Kurds).

Despite Erdogan's claims, however, it appears that the coalition strikes have made a difference, due in large part to the organization of the Kurdish soldiers on the ground.  According to Reuters, the Islamic State has had to retreat from a number of Kobani streets to avoid the air strikes, allowing greater mobility for Kurdish forces.

 Brave Yazidi female battalion intends to wipe out the Islamic State

July 13, 2016     By Christine Williams

We have seen horrific stories of the Islamic State taking Yazidi sex slaves, now numbering over 3000. They risk death and suffer the worst forms of brutality when they try to escape.

There is a group of Yazidi women who have had enough; among them are artists and a range of professionals. They comprise an all-female battalion that has been battling the Islamic state in Iraq, hoping to wipe it out.

In the U.K. Telegraph, Commander Khatoon Khider told a story that depicts the courage of these brave women of valor. She states:  “Our holy book prohibits us from killing, so it was not lightly that we decided to take up arms.”

Like her other female comrades, she could no longer stand by and watch helplessly as Islamic State jihadists continued their genocide against her people, murdering their male loved ones, marauding in their villages, and taking their women and girls into sexual slavery.

Khider described the tragic scene when Islamic State jihadists descended on her village:

“They seemed to have come from nowhere on that hot August day in 2014.

The balaclaved men began shooting from their pickup trucks, driving more than 50,000 people seeking safety up Mount Sinjar….

…There was nothing for us to eat or drink, and no milk for the children. I saw people leave their elderly parents by the road as they could not care for them. I saw mothers throwing their babies off the mountain so they didn’t have to watch them suffer a slow death.”

Those who managed to escape recounted experiences of more cruelty, such as children as young as nine being raped and killed in front of their mothers. Khider’s friend Ceylan was bought at a slave auction in a local market by an Islamic State emir, and Khider describes the horrifying fate of her dear friend:

“She was taken by ISIS as a sex slave and when they asked her to go to the bathroom to prepare herself as a bride for one fighter, she hanged herself rather than let anyone touch her. They then raped her dead body in front of the other women to make an example…..”

Along with its brutality, the Islamic State has also forced birth control on sex slaves, while banning contraceptives for Muslim women, to create a Muslim baby boom.

These jihadist barbarians have declared war against the West, while comfortable Westerners underplay their zeal and the reality of the threat. The Islamic State along with their fellow jihadis — both violent and stealth — will continue to be insidious in their advance, all using different means, but with the same goal: conquest.

The plight but also bravery of Yazidi women enduring and battling this curse should serve as an example and a wake-up call to all Westerners.


“Yazidi Female Fighters Tell Daesh They’ll ‘Wipe Them Out'”, Sputnik News, July 12, 2016:

Near the front lines of northern Iraq, there are a number of volunteer brigades comprised of locals who have taken on the bold task of defending their villages from Daesh. They are located west of the city of Mosul, the self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate’s largest stronghold in the country.

One of the villages, Wadi Shlo, is being defended by an atypical battalion – an all-female Yazidi group. The Yazidis are ethnically Kurdish and native to the region; they practice their own monotheistic religion.

Faced with the prospect of living as slaves under Islamic fundamentalist tyranny, these ladies chose instead to put on military uniforms, take up arms and look bravely into the frightening eyes of the terrorist threat.

Every female soldier has her own task: while some exchange fire with the enemy on the front lines, others provide the support functions that are essential to any fighting force.

Sputnik Arabic sat down with one of the front-line soldiers to learn the details of their day-to-day fighting.

Red-haired 22-year-old Wadhat Khalil Salekh took part in the liberation of Sinjar province, and has been involved since the very first days of the operation. She told Sputnik that female brigades have conducted a number of offensives over the last several months to liberate their homeland from Daesh.

There are hundreds of Yazidi women and girls fighting the terrorists alongside Yazidi men.

“I decided to join one of the female battalions, Yekîneyęn Jinęn Sengalę, since the terrorists committed genocide against our people in August, 2014,” she told Sputnik.

“Now I am taking part in the military operation in Sinjar province to fully liberate my homeland from the terrorists,” she added.

Wadhat, together with her two sisters, has killed scores of terrorists. Her task is not only fighting at the front-line but repelling counter-attacks during the liberation of occupied villages.

“At first we were being trained by women from the People’s Protection Units of Sinjar (HPG) on the border with Syria and other regions of Iraqi Kurdistan. Nowadays we are mostly involved in operations to liberate Yazidi hostages who have been captured by Daesh. My own relatives are among them,” said Wadhat.

This 22-year-old woman was once a normal girl with academic goals and career ambitions. However, the infamous Yazidi genocide of 2014 compelled her to take up arms.

Now she has the only wish: to liberate all the Yazidi women who were captured by Daesh in Iraq and return peace to the region.

“I am addressing all the Daesh militants and their commanders: “We will wipe you out from the whole of Iraq! You will be fully ruined!” she said…..