-- Some of the Lefts most powerful Hate America Groups
-- Schools conspire against boys: educator
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 Some of the Lefts most powerful Hate America Groups
ACLU -- The Teacher Unions -- People for the America Way --
George Soros's university recruitment program (Campus Progress) the rabidly pro-Castro United Students Association
These people
say they support free speach - but in reality, only as it applies to them.

 Schools conspire against boys: educator

Anne Marie Owens

National Post

NEW YORK CITY - Schools are essentially anti-boy by their design, an Australian education expert told an international conference of boys' educators yesterday.

The poor performance of boys is inevitable because schools themselves are organized in ways that seem to conspire against boys doing well, author Peter West said.

''For too many of these boys, school is a place where they have to sit down, shut up and write this down,'' said Dr. West, who wrote the book What Is The Matter With Boys? and teaches in the faculty of education at the University of Western Sydney.

He told the annual conference of the International Boys' Schools Coalition that schools discourage touching, lots of movement and unpredictable bursts of energy -- all qualities that go to the essence of what it means to be a boy.

''Schools are about all sorts of non-boy things,'' he said. ''Is it any wonder that the ideal student has become, by default, female?''

Dr. West says any environment that stresses order and quietness and control, as most schools do, is inherently anti-boy.

As an example, he points out how boys will frequently reach out to touch other people, using a soft punch to the shoulder or a pat on the head as a way of connecting. Schools always curb this essentially social behaviour by imposing all sorts of No Touch or No Contact policies, aimed at reducing violence.

''Boys can't sit still; school still requires that kids sit still. Boys want to be outside; school keeps kids inside.

''Boys have brief spurts of attention; school requires constant, steady attention.''

He said even the physical differences between boys and girls, especially in adolescence, contribute to how conspicuous boys can be in schools.

''The boys get in trouble and it's no wonder: They've got big bodies that they're still getting used to, they have loud, deep voices ... girls have quieter, high voices, [and] blend in more.''

Dr. West started to investigate the problem of boys in schools when he began noticing that whenever he visited schools, boys were everywhere but in the classroom.

''Everywhere I went, there were boys. Boys standing out in the hallway because they got in trouble, boys waiting outside the office for discipline, boys lugging heavy equipment around for the teacher, boys straggling in late to school.''

As a result of what he had seen, he was not surprised when international evidence began to make the case that boys were not doing well in class.

Studies throughout North America and internationally have consistently shown that boys are being outperformed by girls across all grade levels.

Boys make up about three-quarters of the enrolment for special education and learning disability programs, are five times more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit difficulties and prescribed medication for the problems, and are much more likely to drop out of school.

Girls have now surpassed boys in university enrolments, with female undergraduates making up almost 60% of the post-secondary student body across North America.

There are two national inquiries underway in Australia, investigating different aspects of the problem: boys' underachievement and the exodus of male teachers from elementary schools.

''There is reasonably convincing evidence ... that boys as a group are not engaged by schools,'' said Dr. West. ''If half the school population finds school a drudge, if half of it finds school a complete waste of time, then Western society is in for a great deal of trouble on its streets, in public places, in schools and in workplaces.''

When he surveyed boys about when they actually liked school, it was always whenever school was not at all like school for them -- moments when they got to leave the classroom, or engage in debates and arguments, or participate in hands-on activities.

He said schools and parents also have to do a better job of mentoring good male role models and making sure that doing well in school fits into the definition of what it means to be a boy.

''We've said to girls, 'Your chances in life are all about school.' We're not giving that same message to boys,'' he said. ''We've given girls a lot of strong messages about what they can do, about how they can be anything they want to be. We haven't done a good job with boys.

''They no longer know what it means to be a man. They don't know what it means to be a boy.''

 The Culture War Begins During Your Child's School Day
By Kevin Fobbs
January 9, 2006

The new year brings a new round of assaults upon our nation's families who are sitting in their homes -- possibly quite unaware that the very framework that our constitutional framers crafted together is being splintered apart by a movement that has undertaken an almost unholy war against every possible touchstone that reflects our values in the public place, in the courthouse, in the legislature, but more importantly, in the classrooms that dot the landscape of our nation's neighborhoods.

The Culture War is not a phenomenon that is hidden away in the backrooms of lawmakers but rather it is a device, a vehicle, that lone wolf assailants are actively and methodically utilizing as the tools and the weapons that will undue America and the Christian culture -- values that our nation was founded upon. These activists of attack are precise in their assault. They are strategic in their choice of beachheads. They have cleverly chosen your children's classrooms as the battlefield upon which to wage this war of attrition.

These maligners of historic truth would seek to engage the children as early as kindergarten because in twelve years their minds, indoctrinated with pronouncements of liberal moralistic malaise being offered over the school's loudspeaker, or lectured to classrooms by teachers who have the outlawed book of the Bible or a sheet with the Pledge of Allegiance or the Ten Commandments with one hand and the "legal document" from the court banning them in the other.

The words and the phrase that shall become as essential to a child's vocabulary as their ABCs will be "That is Forbidden!" or, "It's Against The Law!". Children's innocence will be replaced by a new core of underlying values that will contribute to a new more ominous system of beliefs. America's societal integrity will dissipate. This is what former U.S. Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork warned our nation about almost ten years ago in his piece "Hard Truths About the Culture War."

He said, as if speaking to a concerned parent in a PTA meeting, "... the fact of rot and decadence there can be no dispute, except from those who deny that such terms have meaning, and who are, for that reason, major contributors to rot and decadence. We are accustomed to lamentations about American crime rates, the devastation wrought by drugs, rising illegitimacy, the decline of civility, and the increasing vulgarity of popular entertainment. But the manifestations of American cultural decline are even more widespread, ranging across virtually the entire society... Wherever one looks, the traditional virtues of this culture are being lost, its vices multiplied, its values degraded -- in short, the culture itself is unraveling."

Our culture is still unraveling ten years later.

As a parent you probably feel stymied by a school district telling your Lakewood, Ohio public school child, "Christmas will no longer be celebrated" because after all diversity is important and they wouldn't want to offend those three other parents who might be agnostic or atheists. But it is OK to offend, by omission, Christians when other ethnic holidays or events are celebrated." It doesn't make sense. Of course not. It's not supposed to.

What about the members of the Parker family in Massachusetts? Last year in January a young elementary school student in the Parker family brought home his book bag, which had in it an item called, Who's In A Family? which depicted same-sex parents happily co-existing with their other parents.

Well Papa Parker was more than a bit irritated because after all in Massachusetts a school must notify parents, that is, Papa Parker before discussing sexuality with his children. He immediately contacted the school's principal, much like you probably would. He explained to the principal that he did not want his son to be taught that same-sex families are "a morally equal alternative to other family constructs." It appears that when it comes to values and morals, a parent's voice in the minority can only be heard when it's heard arguing against Christmas or maybe against saying "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

It sure seems that way in Massachusetts because the school was not listening and on April 27, Papa Parker was arrested for criminal trespass when he refused to leave school property. Why the handcuffs? Well the school would not assure him of parental notification of lessons with sexual content in the future.

So in America a parent is barred from his child's school property, which of course prevents him from attending events open to other parents or even taking an active interest in the school's activities.

What needs to be done?

There are two solutions for parents in winning the Cultural War in America's classrooms.

As Rebecca Hagelin the author of Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture That's Gone Stark Raving Mad has said, "As parents, commit to the daily battle. Understand that you have to succeed everyday in standing up for your children." She says she begins everyday with a prayer: "Lord, please help me today to uphold the values and standards my husband and I have set for our family." She also stresses that parents should take a hands-on approach with their child's education.

Think about it, as Hagelin suggests, "When was the last time you picked up your child's English book, or science book and actually read it? Do you know what she is being taught in history? Exercise your right to opt your child out of misguided sex-ed classes. Challenge the reading lists if the assigned books are pop garbage."

All of this is essential advice because remember you are the parent, and while the political correctness patrol can pick and choose when they want to intervene in your child's "best politically correct interest" you as the parent have to get it right 100 percent of the time for 100 percent of your child's future.


Kevin Fobbs is President of National Urban Policy Action Council (NuPac), a non-partisan civic and citizen-action organization that focuses on taking the politics out of policy to secure urban America's future one neighborhood, one city, and one person at a time. View NuPac on the web at Kevin Fobbs is a regular contributing columnist to the Detroit News. He is also the daily host of The Kevin Fobbs Show on News Talk WDTK - 1400 AM in Detroit. Listen to The Kevin Fobbs Show online at daily 2-3 p.m., and call in toll-free nationwide to make your opinion count at 800-923-WDTK (9385).


Note -- The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, and/or philosophy of GOPUSA.


The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics In America

By Paul M. Weyrich
March 8, 2006

So now we have a geography teacher suggesting that President George W. Bush is sort of like Adolph Hitler. This teacher's entire rant attacked capitalism, our conduct abroad, just about everything we hold dear. Geography was one of my favorite topics going back to the sixth grade. I even took a geography course in college. This is geography?

I just did my radio show (the Right Hour on the Rightalk Radio Network) with David Horowitz about his new book, exposing the 101 worst academics in America. I asked him what's next? The 101 worst kindergarten teachers in the USA? Of course, we are not speaking of their ability to teach. That is a wholly different subject. The open radicalism on college campuses these days is mind-boggling.

I was taught once at the University of Wisconsin by a member of the Communist Party. His assigned readings were all from the left and he worked overtime to discredit the founders of our once great nation. However, he had to hide his efforts. He was careful as to what he said in the classroom. There was one student who came to class who was a well read conservative. His father was very strict and he feared getting bad grades from this professor, with whom he often tangled in class.

At that time the University of Wisconsin procedure was to issue an interim grade. Both the conservative student and I got a C. While my folks were not happy about that, they were sympathetic when I explained to them what happened in this Commie's class. My friend had no such sympathy. He literally was beaten down, if not beaten up, by his father. He came to class defeated. Then I watched as he slowly but surely began to agree with the Communist Professor. I quoted scripture to my fellow student about his gaining the whole world but losing his soul. He, as I, had a strong Christian background. He hung his head and walked away from me. My final grade for that semester was a C. His final grade was an A. Same for the second semester. This was more than 40 years ago so we have had this problem for a long time. Whereas 40 years ago this academic went out of his way to hide his real identity, today he would be openly touting his membership in the Communist Party. And at that time he dared not flunk me because my academic work did not deserve it. Today I probably would have been awarded an F.

What is shocking about the Horowitz book and is even more shocking when you hear him recount it is the sheer brazenness of the professors and other instructors who go out of their way to brag about their affiliation. They didn't bomb enough. They didn't do enough to damage America's imperialism.

Horowitz estimates that there are about 60,000 of these radical professors in every part of the nation, at small colleges and large - at prestigious Eastern schools, where you would expect them, but even at widely acclaimed Baptist and Catholic colleges and universities. Think of it: 60,000, the size of a small city. We are not talking about liberals here. Horowitz is clear that while he thinks liberals are wrong they are entitled to their opinions. Rather, we are talking about the most vile, America-hating Stalinist-style professors who will accept no dissent. They preach tolerance and then practice the opposite.

I asked Horowitz if he were a parent who was spending a substantial sum of money to send his son or daughter to a college or university and his offspring encountered one of these professors what would he do? Horowitz stressed that the parent should want to send his son or daughter to one of the decent schools. There are not many, he said, but there are some. If the student already is in college, see to it that he stays in contact with the many (and growing) campus conservative organizations. And the parent should put the kid in touch with conservative websites. They are invaluable in finding material to counter the way-out liberal message.

David Horowitz is a hero. Every man, woman and child in the United States owes him a debt of gratitude. Ever since his conversion from the far left he has worked tirelessly to expose the left for what it is and to sound the trumpet on the right that we must be more militant and more willing to sacrifice for our beliefs. He has had a close call with death and having recovered has maintained a schedule which would tire someone thirty years younger. The reason he is so effective is because he knows the other side's playbook. He has been there. He recognizes all that is being done and he is fearful that America is not waking up in sufficient time to turn things around.

His book is truly a must read. The title: The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics In America. It is available everywhere books are sold.

Paul M. Weyrich is the Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation.

Note -- The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, and/or philosophy of GOPUSA.

Read Professors with 'terror ties' by David Horowitz