All articles below are archived from the past - all are still relevant and show part of the reason for the task David Horowitz, and now others, have chosen to take upon themselves as both participant and director to combat anti American garbage flooding our universities.

David began fighting the American hating left wing back in the sixties.  Americans need to understand the insidious and covert way our culture is being subverted - mostly by brain washing or coercing our children.

Even though I am not yet aware of murders in America caused by this brainwashing - if you listen you will become aware of the aggressive and coercive actions taken against conservative students and legacy America  from not only other students but all the way to the University heads themselves.  You must pay attention before it's too late. 

The best example of brainwashing children is found in the Middle East.  These children would not be committing suicide by blowing themselves to hell and murdering other people in the process, except that a child who trust their elders can be taught to believe anything, otherwise Middle Eastern five year old children would not hate every non Muslim in the world. 

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Taking back our Universities and Schools

Center for the Study of Popular Culture
David Horowitz, President & Founder

Dear Fellow American,

Our nation is facing a prolonged and perilous war with international terrorists bent on our destruction.  Yet, a class of university students in Colorado -- a conservative state -- was given a mid-term exam with an essay question that told them to "Explain Why George Bush Is a War Criminal”.

When a student taking this exam wrote an essay on "Why Saddam Hussein Is a War Criminal" instead, she was given an F.”  Since when do highly controversial -- let alone extremist -- questions have only one correct answer?

From the standpoint of educational values and training America's future leaders, American universities have never been in worse shape.  Single-answer essay questions, commonplace now in American higher education, are just one of myriad problems on our campuses today.  For example:

Students taking ROTC and attending class in the uniform of the United States military -- including female students -- are regularly told by their own professors that they are "baby killers”.

At Ball State University in conservative Indiana, a "peace studies" course called "Introduction to Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution”, amounts to an indoctrination for students to sympathize with our enemies.  The lecturer isn't even qualified to teach the course --he's a saxophone professor!  Students who voice opinions that differ from his are quickly silenced.

At Duke University, Weather terrorist Katherine Whitehorn, who served 14 years for bombing the Pentagon in the 1970s, was brought to campus in 2003 by the Black Students Department as a "human rights activist”.  The previous year, the same university paid Professor Sami al-Arian to keynote a symposium on "National Security and Civil Liberties”.

Six months earlier, appearing on the O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly exposed al-Arian's public statements calling for "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" and said, "If I were the CIA I would follow you everywhere you go”.

Duke University apparently considered this a recommendation to give Al-Arian an academic platform.  Al-Arian is currently in jail having been indicted by the Justice Department as the North American head of Palestine Islamic Jihad, responsible for the suicide bombing murders of more than 100 innocent civilians including several American citizens.

These horror stories reflect the capture of American universities by political ideologues who have no respect for academic institutions or for the country they live in.  But their unchallenged reign is about to end.

Until now, universities have been like the weather.  Everybody complains about them, but nobody knows what to do about them.  Thanks to the Center for the Study of Popular Culture and it creation – Students for Academic Freedom – this situation has now begun to change.

We know about the incidents in Colorado because they were included in testimony before the Education Committee of the Colorado legislature, which held public hearings about the abuses of students at universities in the state.  The hearings were called in connection with legislation modeled on the Academic Bill of Rights, a document I authored for our campus organization, Students for Academic Freedom. 
The Colorado bill, sponsored by Colorado Rep. Shawn Mitchell, passed the education committee in March.  As a result, the presidents of all the public universities in Colorado met to agree on a "Memo of understanding”, a document that serves successfully to ensure the protections of our Academic Bill of Rights is reflected on Colorado's campuses.

These protections include guaranteeing intellectual diversity at Colorado institutions of higher learning, making sure that students have access to books that challenge university orthodoxy and that funds for student activities and guest speakers be fairly distributed to ensure a representation of diverse points of view.

A short time later the Academic Bill of Rights passed the Senate of the State of Georgia by a vote of 41-5.  Senator Eric Johnson was the sponsor of the Georgia bill.  Legislation based on the Academic Bill of Rights is now moving in seven other states, as well as the U.S. House of Representatives, sponsored by Congressman Jack Kingston of Kentucky.

At Brown University and Brooklyn College, the concept of intellectual diversity has been included as part of the campus diversity program.

All these victories were made possible by Students for Academic Freedom (SAF), an organization sponsored by the Center, which has grown to 140 local chapters on 140 campuses across the United States over the past 12 months.

The creation of SAF is a major part of our dynamic National Campaign for Academic Freedom. 

Over the course of the National Campaign for Academic Freedom I have traveled to more than 250 schools to bring this topic to the forefront of campus debates.  I've met with legislators, school alums, regents, administrators, community leaders, and individuals as concerned as I am with the state of our colleges and universities.

And, of course, I've met with students who have embraced this campaign because hey recognize they deserve more than half an education.

I've sought to engage groups and individuals in this campaign because, as I mentioned before, I believe it is one of the most important issues facing our nation's future … and we're seeing real success.

We have shown we can change the university world.  We need your help to do it.  There are fifty states and several thousand campuses.  We have come up with an idea that works.  We have created an organization that can do it.  We need your financial help to hire more campus organizers; to create more informational literature for our student members; to publicize what we have done and recruit more support.

Will you help me today and support our National Campaign for Academic Freedom?  I can tell you that we run a tight ship at the Center, so a contribution of $20, $25, $35, $50, $100 or more right now will go a long way toward making this campaign even more successful.

In addition, I have included a "call to action", a personalized letter from you to your governor asking him to support an Academic Bill of Rights for your schools.  I would like you to sign it and return it with your contribution in the pre-addressed envelope I've provided.

Our budget of $235,500 can be reached if I am able to engage the support of Americans like you who realize that it is vital to bring genuine academic freedom back to our campuses". 

In fact, if you will make a contribution of $25 or more today, I will send you a copy of our booklet Battle for Academic Freedom free.  This booklet describes the campaign in detail, further illustrates the problem, and also conveys the difference we're making.

I have one last story to tell you, but before I do, I want to emphasize that our National Campaign for Academic Freedom is precisely that -- a battle to end the one sided indoctrination process that goes on at our schools and open the door wide to all possibilities, all theories, literature, history and the like.

With that in mind, I want to close by telling you a story about part of my visit to the University of Colorado at Denver.

At one point, I found myself walking down the hallway of CU-Denver's Political Science Department.  On nearly every door and on every bulletin board were cartoons demeaning President Bush and members of his administration ...  

            … anti-war, anti-Republican, anti-conservative cartoons and messages flourished  

Now for a moment try to imagine being a student walking down that hallway, seeking a professor, looking for advice.  If you were a student who didn't agree with these postings you would naturally be intimidated.

It shouldn't be this way.  It is not too much to expect professors to act professionally.  A doctor, for example, doesn't ask you if you're Republican or Democrat before making a diagnosis.  You trust he'll be professional.  We have a right to the same type of trust on our campuses.

I know it is possible, and I know that our Academic Bill of Rights will act as a safeguard for that type of professionalism.  And we will all benefit from the intellectual freedom these Rights will guarantee.

So, I encourage you again, to join with me in this important campaign.  Please take a moment to sign your Academic Bill of Rights Endorsement and make a special contribution of $20, $25, $35, $50, $100 or more if possible, to our campaign right now.  And remember, with your contribution of $25 or more today I'll send you a free copy of our booklet, Battle for Academic Freedom.

But act today.  We need your support.  Thank you.  God bless you and God bless America.
SIgnature of David Horowitz

P.S.  Take a moment right now to sign your name to the enclosed Academic Bill of Rights Endorsement and we'll forward it to your governor. Then please make a contribution to our National Campaign for Academic Freedom. We have a right -- and students and professors have a right -- to expect professional behavior on our campuses.  An Academic Bill of Rights will guarantee it. Thanks again.

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