TOC Congressional Watch
Democrat's Struggle for Power is a terrible thing to watch:   Democrats and other Leftist, Ranting against US Policy in Vietnam killed our Soldiers there and lost Vietnam to the Communist world, they desire power so much they murder American Soldiers to obtain it.  They are doing it again in Iraq, they always put themselves before America's interest.  Review their history, observe their friends, all who seem to be Anti-American dictators or in Communist regimes.  Why?  What are the Democrats really?

Republican News

-- We're Putting Unconstitutional Concentration of Power in President  - 6/24/11
-- In the rush to pretend Republicans won a victory in the debt limit battle considered this - 8/02/11
-- Top reason conservatives can't take America back - 3/1/14
-- The Three Amigos of GOP Defeat in 2016 - 1/18/15
-- Mitch McConnell leads the betrayal, joins with Harry Reid to support Lynch - 4/23/15
-- Support Josh Mandel (R-OH) Conservative - 2/5/17

Demoncrat-Progressive News

-- U.S. 'Prepared to Play a Leading Role' in Absorbing Muslim Refugees From Burma - 5/21/15


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