Clay Today Don't like Patriot Americans / Obama Comments


In case you don't know, Greg Walsh is still at Clay Today.       Liberal, progressive, Marxism, or Communism anyone?

I have now concluded that Clay-Today is an Obama Supporter, regardless of all the data showing Obama as a Marxist.  As a Cavalry Soldier I have actually stood on the European border between the Soviet Union and America, I pray I die before seeing this nation turn to Marxism.

Below is the e-mail I received telling me to stuff my opinions in my ear, or some other place. This seem to be the common response from the liberal media today. They develop policies against being “controversial” because if people learn the truth it might blow the hidden agendas of the media.

If they are going to hide behind politically correct BS, then it's obvious that withholding information is the best way to promote a left wing agenda. It's how Obama got where he is - did you notice that as soon as people learned what he thinks he started loosing to Clinton big time. The news media withheld that information in the beginning of the campaign and now he is the Social Democrats front man.

I wonder what category Clay Today should now be placed in.

In any case I cancelled my subscription to the paper. If they are not going to tell me what my neighbors think - what’s the point of having the paper.

I wonder if Obama's pastor, the wrong Reverend Wright would be considered too "shrill" and radical for this paper.

I have placed all my letters to the Clay Today editor on Page 1 and Page 2 read for yourself if you think these are radical commentary except to the radical left.

Mr. Ogle,

Your recent letters have become far too shrill and radical for Clay Today.

We’re not interested in printing these types of letters. Please find another venue for your opinions.

Greg Walsh,
Managing Editor
Clay Today