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Blacks owe Whites their lives for freeing them from slavery
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 Blacks are the biggest hypocrites

Michael A. Dingwall     Posted January, 2008

It is interesting to note what is happening in Zimbabwe and the reactions of the black governments and peoples of the world. Here is a country that is being decimated by its ďblack-liberatorĒ, Robert Mugabe. The silence of the black nations and peoples of the world are deafening. According to a recent report many are starving and many others have been forced to slaughter their pets and eat grass for food. How is it that we black people are so silent?

When South Africa was under the Apartheid system many of us black people were very vocal about the so-called evils of the system. Blacks were denied very basic rights and were being oppressed - we are told. Many were being killed. Many times, we hear very strong condemnations from black governments around the world - including our own right here in Jamaica.

How is it that we were so vocal in our condemnation of the Apartheid system, but we are so silent about what is going on in Zimbabwe and other parts of black Africa? Is it because in Apartheid South Africa whites were oppressing blacks but in Zimbabwe blacks are oppressing blacks? Isnít it true that blacks have starved to death in both cases? Isnít it true that blacks were oppressed in both cases? So where is our condemnation of Zimbabwe?

Many of us black people today are demanding reparations for slavery and the slave trade. It is very interesting to see the hypocrisy of the black race being played out so plainly. According to historical records, some twenty million black people died during the slave trade. This may be true, but they died over a period of over three hundred years. We blacks have made it a ritual to remind the world of this terrible genocide that was visited upon us.

However, while we like to remind the world of the evils of slavery and the slave trade, we black people continue to ignore even worse atrocities that are happening now - within our midst. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, blacks are busy exterminating each other. A bloody civil war has been raging for some years now. Blacks are killing each other at a rate much faster than anybody could have done during slavery. At last count, some four and a half million black people have been killed as a result of this war.

A few years ago, blacks killed almost one million of their fellow brothers in Rwanda within the space of a few months. Slavery, and the slave trade, witnessed nothing like this! The practitioners of the slave trade would have been horrified! And talking about slavery - a few years ago the African state of Niger cancelled a ceremony that was planned for its capital. This was a ceremony that was supposed to have resulted in the freeing of thousands of slaves. The ceremony was halted because the slave owners complained that they could not go on without them.

Now, how is it that we black people can be so strong and vocal in our condemnation of slavery and the slave trade, but we turn a blind eye to the events in the DR of Congo, Rwanda, Niger and many other parts of black Africa. Is it because, in these present cases, blacks are the perpetrators and as such itís all right? How can we condemn 19th century in the West but tolerate 21st century slavery in Niger and other parts of black Africa? Is it because, in these modern cases, blacks are the slave owners?

How is it that the black people of South Africa, which is being touted as a major regional power, could fight so hard for freedom from Apartheid and white oppression but at the same time sit down and do nothing about black oppression in neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Niger, the DR Congo and a host of other black African states? Why the silence?

Sometime ago, there was a demonstration against racism in Britain. According to the demonstrators, who were mostly black, the scourge of racism is very much alive. Many of these black people, and others around the world, hate racism like poison. Yet, many of these same black people discriminate against their own minorities. In many of our songs, for example, we preach hate against people we donít like. We condemn racism and other forms of hate but at the same time we are some of the biggest practitioners of hate.

You see, the problem with us black people is that we canít seem to understand anything. Tolerance and respect canít be partial. Nor can tolerance and hypocrisy co-exist. We like to condemn to bad acts of others, but we see no problem when we are the ones doing them. How much more hypocritical can we get than this?

 Reparations, just who owes who?   -  7/12/2002

Since there are Blacks that still call themselves slaves, I can say I was one of the Whites that fought and freed them.  Therefore, since I did not own slaves, they owe me for their freedom!  I have yet to see payment for that very difficult service.  So many years marching back and forth over the battle field, hungry and exhausted, and so many of my friends dying at my side.

After Blacks in America pay reparations to the tens of thousands of us White Americans that fought to abolish slavery, then and only then can the idea of reparations for the remaining blacks be considered.  Why do Blacks, because they are black think they deserve to be treated special.  A slave was bought and like a good work horse was cared for.

That was not the same for the thousands of Irish, sent to the Americas as Indentured Servants, when do they get reparations.  Indentured servants cost the owner (of their contract) the price of passage, they were otherwise considered free people, they were not cared for because they were not owned, and they died by the hundreds.

Blacks cannot receive U.S. Federal tax money because that would be asking reparations from the people that abolished slavery.

Since our laws require proof of guilt, each slave owner, both White and Black, must be specifically identified and then proved to have been the owner of the specific plaintiff "slave".  Our laws also provide that the accused be allowed to confront the accuser.  Therefore, a specific slave must prove which specific individual held him or her in slavery.

Lastly, there are no slaves in America today.  To find a slave in todayís world you will have to go back to Africa where slavery is still authorized and rampant, for there many people are still being held as slaves.

Slave descendants deserve nothing more from America than the rest of us have.  We still have much of our freedoms here, so study hard and get a job, or even open your own business and hire someone else. 

Black middle class in America has learned what it takes; these folks are real Americans, and not rip-off artist like Jessie Jackson.

All of this is nothing more than another Jessie Jackson rip-off.  The same extortion they have worked on U.S. Corporations for the last 30 years.

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