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-- Johnna McKinnon, best for Clay School Board
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Preamble to the election:  I see the local liberal news media is heavily bias for the progressive candidates, I fear Van Zant and McKinnon will be overwhelmed by the lack of facts and even distorted truths.

 Here is what I have learned:

In the past three years, under Van Zantís leadership Clay Schools have seen high school graduation increase by 9.5% and for the first time in Clay history Clay Schools are above the national average.

His high school redesign into the Academics of Clay are working and we are seeing tremendous improvements across all measures.  Lastly, Clay Schools have become fiscally sound again by getting the budget back to a state mandated 3% fund balance.
Charlie Van Zantís opponent, Addison Davis, is an administrator from the Duval county school district and he has vowed to take away citizenís right to elect their superintendent by making it an appointed position.  Clay voters rejected an appointed superintendent by a resounding 72% in a previous election, but they just must have it their way.

We donít need Duval county school policy, with all its problems, seeping into Clay County.

Our current system is not only not broken, but certainly donít need fixed.

So please we need to re-elect Charlie Van Zant as Superintendent of Schools.

recent times: 
Johnna, in her first election replaced a Progressive, became board chairman and shuffled priorities so that a Conservative agenda was  emphasized for Clay students.  One change is that students now learn the Constitution, and why it was necessary.  Patriotism is returning to Clay - if we continue to replace the Progressives with good Conservatives then at least Clay students will not have to endure the  Progressive's continued experiment with years of failed collectivism.